April 07, 2011

Last week I completed this test knit, Naragansett for BabyCocktails. I absolutely love it and it's just the kind of sweater I love to wear in the summer. Great boat-neck that does not slip off the shoulders or ride up too high, knit top down, nice shaping and fun little details like the simple 3 stitch cable on the sleeve increases and a twisted rib.
Three-quarter sleeves is a favorite of mine too. Sleeves are knit in the round with double pointed needles, arggh, so I knit the first one flat as I hate dpns so much. Knitting them flat was a little tricky with the twisted rib and cable, but it can be done. For the next sleeve I knit it in the round using a 16" circular and it worked perfectly. I have since expanded my circular collection with this 16" size and now I won't be dreading sleeves in the round.

The little slip stitch cable is a perfect cable to practice knitting a cable without a cable needle. It's easy to pinch one or two little stitches with your finger and replace them in the correct order. Here is a good tutorial for that.
Knit in an easy wonderful cotton, All Season's Cotton is a favorite of mine. I knit it with a smaller needle to get a tighter gauge than Rowan recommends and think it makes a much nicer fabric. More like a worsted weight than aran weight.
I plan on making another Naragansett but with long sleeves. I have some pale pink soft wool in my stash that I think will look beautiful in this boat-neck style.

Hmmm, I'm squinting. The sun was shining so brightly! Yay, bring it on!Yarn by Rowan in Pistachio, nails by OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape. OPI has the best color names ever.

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  1. Awesome top! There are so many fun elements, and you did a great job.

    I love your fun taste in polishes. Janet got me so hooked. I just got a nail card (like a nail wheel, but rectangular) so I can see all the colors in my growing collection :-)

  2. Wow, your Naragansett turned out great! I also was a test knitter - I just love Thea's designs.

  3. ooohhh can't wait for this one! you did a lovely job on it - especially like the cable details and the color (coordinated :-)

  4. Hi Kristen!

    I followed your comment link over from my blog :-) I love it that another knitter is also showing nail polish with the knitting!! I've always loved your knits!

    Gail/yellowbird/today's agenda

  5. wow i am amazed! Just learning to knit (very basically!) maybe I'll be able to do something like this one day!!


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