baby sweater and sampler

April 29, 2011

This sweet little baby sweater is a lovely and easy and free Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys.  The look is updated using the self striping Zitron Unisono.

No baby in mind, just wishful thinking.
It's pictured on top of a sampler I stitched in 1973, the year I got married.  It has my maiden name on it, so it must have been finished before June.  I was 21.
It was a kit, a copy of an old American sampler.  It's still so pretty.  Stitching Americana was popular in the 70s.  We were gearing up for our bicentennial celebration in 1976.  Quilters and stitchers were feeling patriotic and sentimental and making beautiful crafts in honor of our first 200 years.
 Did you read that part where I said I was 21 when I made this?
 So now the cat's out of the bag.  You know how I spent my wild and crazy youth, staying up till all hours of the night...stitching

Things haven't changed all that much.  At least the stitching till all hours of the night part.  As in last night.  The royal wedding.  I know you did too.  Wasn't it lovely?

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  1. Wow... how special! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I love finding things like this and think "wow! I can't believe I made this!" I hope you continue to treasure it!

  2. I didn't stay up for the wedding, but I have stayed up for yarny indulgences before :-)

    It is just amazing how many beautiful things have flowed from your hands!

  3. Ah . . . reminds me of all the different crafts we used to do in the '70s! Good times!

  4. my daughter lives on the west coast and she was "up early" for the wedding :-) probably not stitching though. so far, my love of knitting hasn't passed to the next generation. I love all the stitching goodness you have to share from so many years of crafting. and I hope you have someone to gift that adorable baby sweater to...soon!

  5. I stitched the same sampler during the same time period. It hung in my house for many years but now it has been relegated to a closet. It's waiting for samplers to be "in" again :)


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