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April 12, 2011

I've been wanting to blog about these quilts for a long time. For many years my passion was quilt making. I loved the idea of having a BIG project, one that would be with me for a year or more. A project that would last through generations.

I would start always with Kona Cotton. I don't often quilt anymore, but that used to be the best cotton available for quilt making. Most always I used solids and most often a traditional pattern. I used a rotary cutter and hand piecing for accuracy. My quilting was also done by hand in white quilting thread, and that was probably my favorite part of quilt making. I quilt on my lap with no hoop or frame and used a pink plastic thimble and itty bitty quilting needles. The batting was always a thin poly bat and the backing I would special order in one big piece, always white.

I can remember how it felt putting in the last stitch of a year long project, making an announcement to my husband to watch me put in my very last stitch, and ask for a bit of a drum roll so I could ta-da in grand fashion. He would admire and praise, I would be astonished it was done.

I've pictured three of my Mt. Everest type quilts. The planning, purchasing, cutting, basting, sewing and binding was epic for each of these. I'm so proud of them.
This first one is called Flying Geese. A simple but very effective design in shades of pink, blue and yellow. The quilting in the strips between the flying geese is a simple entwined rope.It's difficult to see, but the border quilting is a bow and ribbon design.The next one is a king sized quilt I made for my mother. The basket is pieced and the handle is appliqued. Some baskets have green appliqued leaves.
And this peony, this dinner-plate sized peony was grown in my back garden. The beautiful pillow case was crocheted by my grandmother before I was born.The quilting pattern here is the classic feather, used for both the squares and the border. My favorite quilting design, I have used the feather design many times.This pattern is simply called "Basket of Flowers". Just shows you how a simple triangle and diamond shape can create a stunning design.
Feather design is used again for the quilting. To put the quilting design on the quilt top I used purchased reusable plastic stencils and a soft lead pencil.These quilts are used! I'm not interested in creating something that is too precious for every day use. We are wrapped and cuddled in these, then throw them in the washer and dryer. They show signs of wear and a few stains, but they have been loved and treasured.

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  1. The last block is simply called "Basket of Flowers". Your quilts are beautiful. My mother also loves making quilts and I always feel so blessed to be a chosen recipient of her labor of love.

  2. Thank you Mocha Mama! I am going to edit my post now.

  3. Very beautiful, and it's so nice that you use them.

  4. wow. what talent you have - those quilts are beautiful!

  5. You are amazing!!!! I don't think I would be able to create such beauty :(

  6. wow. really, really beautiful. i envy lovely quilts! i especially like the flying geese quilt.

  7. So beautiful! I love that they are used and loved!


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