night stripes

January 31, 2017

Here's the most recent addition to the Totally Free/Totally Adorable sweater collection. 

Did I tell you that several months ago, when a craft store in my town was going out of business, they put the expensive Alchemy Temple on sale?  I ended up buying them out, at least 50 plus skeins for $1 each!  There are all different colors with different dyelots, and some weren't even labeled, but they are perfect for a project like this.  Temple is super soft, 100 % machine washable wool and lovely to knit.   This little sweater is for a baby who lives in  Upcountry Maui, Hawaii, where the temperatures can get quite cold, yes, even Hawaii can get cold in certain parts of the state!  They yarn is so lovely and soft and I'm quite thrilled with stripes all the time--what's not to like?

Here's the links:

my project page on Ravelry
free pattern from Keya Kuhn

totally free/totally adorable blog post
with hints and tips for making FREE baby sweaters from your stash!

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  1. I LOVE this color combination, Kristen! How clever of you to snap up the yarn when it went on sale! I would never have been able to do anything with it, but you are so resourceful at using unlikely materials to create beautiful things.

    1. Thanks Leah! I love to visit your blog to see what you are knitting these days.

  2. Lovely and cute. Thanks for the link. One question: do the stripes line up? If not, how do you get them to?

    1. Hi! Thank you, and yep, all the stripes line up naturally when you do a top-down cardigan. Couldn’t be easier!


  3. Great choice in button colors!!


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