Easterly business

April 13, 2011

I love decorating for Easter.
Chicks are hatching in every room.Pinkie peeps too.
In my kitchen, chickies roost in the trees and......perch on the windowsill.
And don't forget the bunnies. Rabbits busy with their Easterly business.
Rabbit Jazz Band play sweetly with the Ladybug Band.
Blossom Kinder, I am crazy for you guys.

But I am particularly demented over the Ladybug Band. Gah! The ittybitty cuteness! These just make me so happy when I bring them out for Easter. I'll put the bunnies away after Easter but the Ladybug Band and Blossom Kinder will linger throughout the spring.

  Painted wooden figures collected over the years are from Germany, mainly Wendt and Kuhn. They aren't all that easy to find these days. If you live near Los Altos, Cover Story has a good selection in the store. They are also all over the internet.

I'm so looking forward to this Easter. The weather is beautiful and the wisteria, in fact the whole garden, is glowing. Our family will be up and we have some really fun things planned. In choir we are singing a beautiful program for Maundy Thursday and have a wonderful gospel-like Easter anthem.

I hope your week is blessed with fun Easterly business.

Tomorrow's post will be my Feather Easter Egg Tree.

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  1. I love your German little people...my Oma collects them and I started too! Enjoy your Easter...getting ready for good Friday service now...


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