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April 23, 2011

For many years we hosted an Easter brunch in our backyard.  It was big and happy and full of generations celebrating together.  The Easter egg hunt was an extravagant extravaganza.  Every year it got bigger and bigger and bigger....and then one year we didn't have it.   I don't really remember exactly why, but the weather was bad all month, I got sick and never got around to sending out invitations, it just never happened.

So that year we started a new Easter tradition:  we didn't have the big party.  We went to the club instead.  (And it rained all day that Easter.)

I do miss that big, fun party in a way.  But it was a ton of work and that part I don't miss, not a bit!

Because of those years of celebrating Easter in a big way I managed to collect lots of Easter decorations.  Probably my favorite decoration is this cross stitch tablecloth.  It was made by me in the 80's, most likely a Bucilla kit and took over a year for me to complete.  It's so pretty with the bunnies and the spring flowers.

The kids will be here this weekend and I have the table set up for tonight's dinner.  We are celebrating a one year sober birthday for one of the lovely members of my family.  People, this is a big deal.  A very big deal.  I am bursting with pride and happiness for my lovely.  We have cards and balloons, a favorite menu with a favorite dessert.

So this weekend, while I join Christians all over the world celebrating the miracle of Christ's resurrection,  I will also be joining my family and celebrating our own miracle, sobriety, another sort of coming back to life.  It's the little things that are the big things.

Sending you all LOVE!

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  1. So beautiful, as always, Kristen! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  2. Kristen, that table is so beautiful. Those flowers, the china, the precious napkin holders and figurines. But the cloth! Oh my - I cannot even imagine the time and effort in making this. I'm sure you loved it. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family, who have so much to celebrate this holy day. Thank you for all the beauty and love you share with us!

  3. Such a pretty table! and Yeah Sobriety!! And very Happy Easter!

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful table and your family's story. May sobriety bring many blessings and new beginnings for your family. Have a beautiful Easter.

  5. Sobriety is no little thing and has likely come hard earned for your special person. Now another group of anonymous people are holding special thoughts for continued health and healing.

  6. Happy Easter, Kristen! I'm glad your family has an extra special reason to celebrate, too.

    I'm in awe of that tablecloth, and I love that you *use* your lovely things.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful story!!! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you with us.

  8. What a festive table for such a lovely occasion!

  9. Cheryl Sharpley, Los Altos, CAMay 7, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    Kristen, you are so amazing. Tonight I have been combing through come of your blog pages about knitting (I knitted a scarf once for my first true love ... and it turned out either my knit or purl was an invented stitch ... akin to crochet... hahaha... and I doubt he ever wore it beyond that season!). And then there's your quilting and your cross stitch and the love that you pour into all aspects of your life. I am a big fan. And when I have more time to peruse these pages, I will read and savor them all. Happy to hear about your happy Easter celebration too. xoxo


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