Here's Vivienne from Precious by Kim Hargreaves. Kim is my favorite go-to knit designer. When you knit from Kim's patterns you usually don't get to show off great knitting skills, but what you do get is a very classic, stylish and wearable sweater. That particular style is best for me.

Vivienne is a long sleeved version of Jasmine, which I made for myself but then gifted to my daughter. This one will stay right here! This sweater is made from my favorite go-to yarn, the late and great Rowan 4-Ply Soft. Early this year when I walked into my lys, they had long faces when they told me this yarn was to be discontinued, they knew how much I loved it and relied on it. STOCK UP they said, so I did. But maybe not enough. I have some bright pink left in my stash, but that's it. I'm going to have to rely on Ebay when I start to yearn for this classic yarn. I think Rowan has made a big mistake.

Details: I think I used 5, maybe 6 skeins (I forgot to count as I went) for the size XS and Clover bamboos, sizes 2 and 2/3. The color is Rain Cloud, shade 387. Raveled.

BTW, my favorite sweater I have ever made is this one, made in 4-Ply Soft. It's Pearly by Martin Story. Raveled here. Here's a picture of it.