Easter Egg Tree

April 14, 2011

As promised, I'm here to show you my feather Easter egg tree. The eggs were made over several years. Each egg was mouth blown then colored and glittered, bejeweled, furred, ribboned and trimmed to the max.
Just like it's friend the Christmas tree, putting up this tiny feather tree every year is a much loved tradition. The eggs are like old friends, with most of the trims salvaged from another treasure saved and still remembered. Here's an old brooch.

A snippet of old lace.
A bit of fox from an old fur.
Sometimes I felt like a mad scientist.
Every year I try to photograph this tree, but can never get the pictures I like. I am fairly happy with the individuals snaphots of the eggs and hope you enjoy them.I only stopped making the eggs when I ran out of branches.
They were super fun to make. I hope this inspires you to let your imagination run wild and create your own collection!

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  1. These are fabulous!! Very, very well done!

  2. Truly amazing - I love all your hobbies!! loved the pictures too!!


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