Organizing, Part 1

April 05, 2011

I love it when bloggers show how they organize their yarn, needles, notions, etc. It's easy for little bits and pieces to get lost or misplaced. It's an ongoing effort to keep my large collection of needles and knitting knotions tame, but easier if I have a place for everything. I would like to share what I have done.

I love the way I have my goodies organized, as organizing is kind of a hobby of mine. I do have a sewing room, and believe me, it is filled up to the brim (but nicely organized, natch). But I do the bulk of my knitting in our family room and feel it works best if I have all the needles and notions close at hand in the family room. Our coffee table has 4 drawers, two on either side. They are wide and shallow, perfect for small things. You can usually find me right in front of these two drawers, sitting and knitting.
In the top drawer I used wire mesh cutlery organizers from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They do a great job of holding my straight needles and keeping the other gadgets tidy and easy to find.
The bottom drawer holds my circulars, interchangeables and dpns.
The binder file with built in dividers is where I store my circulars. This is really inexpensive and is the best way I've found to keep track of them. (Edited to add: I found this zippered expandable file binder at Office Depot. I looked on their website and they didn't have this one anymore, but did have this similar style).

The second case holds my sets of circular interchangeables, both the Knit Picks and Denise sets are held together in the same case. The cute spotted blue and green Offhand Design needle case is where I keep my double pointed needles."Organizing, Part 2", if it ever materializes, will show you my sewing room.

Good news, the latest Knitty is out! I have my eye on this one, just loved the curved hem.

I have just finished a shawl, and that will be my next post. I have also finished a lovely test knit for Baby Cocktails, but cannot show that off until the pattern is published, maybe another week. Until then, happy knitting and happy organizing!

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  1. Oh your organising is simply wonderful!

    I'd never thought of sorting my straights like that. I'm definitely copying. Hope you don't mind! :)

  2. wonderful job! I love seeing these pictures :) I am so into having my craft stuff super well organized... hope to see your sewing room one day!

  3. What a wonderful post!
    I am in the mode of spring cleaning and organizing now. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  4. Your needle drawer looks soo organized! !Mine looks like a disaster zone.

  5. Great organization ideas -- I'm inspired and might have to steal a few ideas, beginning with the cutlery organizers for knitting needles!

  6. Love this!! The silverware trays are perfect. Where did you get your binder? I need one of these. My needles are organized by type, but in a space that's too big for them. I've never liked the circular organizers (some quite expensive) that have the needles hanging out, or draped over something, and this is the best solution I've seen.

  7. I will edit my post to let readers know the binder is just a simple one from Office Depot. Thank you all for loving my fanatic organizing efforts!

  8. Great ideas! I'm not surprised, as I still remember your sweater armoire system. I love that you include moisturizer with your gadgets!


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