flowers and frogs

April 28, 2011

The roses are popping and the frogs are ready.
I have this bucket o' frogs, mostly inherited from my great Aunt Cytha.   Once upon a time, during my childhood, she was a sweet and dear rose grower and arranged flowers in ancient cut glass bowls.
My favorite flower frog is really a tulipiere of sorts.  Tulipiere:  Generally made of pottery, a tulipiere is an ornate flower-holder comprised of a larger vessel containing holes, spouts or troughs to hold single stems of flowers.  The concept dates back to the Egyptians who created similar type vases, but is best remembered from 17th century Holland.  
I have a small collection of pottery tulipieres that I have collected over the years, but my favorite might be this humble glass one I bought about 30 years ago in Williamsburg, VA.  I know I saw similar 25-bud pyramid type vases on the internet last night, but I couldn't find them again this morning to give you the link.  I also found some 7-bud vases, they seem to be easier to find.  I know they are out there.   I'll keep looking and edit when I find them again.

The 25 individual vases are molded together and it's easy to make a beautiful arrangement.

First, fill each vase with water and pop into a  beautiful bowl.
 Next, pick 25 flowers.
Pop each one into a vase.  It's done.  So easy.
 The little vases are now hidden under the mass of flowers.  It makes me look like I can actually arrange flowers.  
I have some tulipieres I like to use for herbs, some for pansies.  I'll share more of them though out spring and summer.  

Until next time, don't forget to stop and smell the roses and have a lovely day!

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  1. So awesome, Kristen! The inspiration keeps piling up (though I'd have to purchase my flowers -- I don't grow them). I love that all your collections have such neat stories.

  2. When I saw this I remembered that I had a glass holder just like yours so I got it out and went out to the garden to pick a beautiful bouquet of roses. It looks great. Thanks for the inspiration.

    from Rosarenata


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