Hats you could just eat up!

This little charmer is 3 months old today!

These three patterns, the apple hat, the red pullover, and the pumpkin hat are all free and easy. They were made for and are modeled by my dear grandson who is 3 months old today. As you can see I'm having a fun time knitting for this cute little guy. He is a sweet and smiley little boy and not terribly fussy unless he's hungry or tired. He likes to spend time with his grammy and papa and we just adore having him here. As you can imagine, we LAVISH attention on him, which is the grandparent's right! Agree? Thank you all for your sweet comments here and on my Facebook Page. The whole family reads them and we treasure your kind words.

The sweater pattern is from Tin Can knits and is generously sized from newborn up to 4XL making it a great sweater pattern to have on hand for the entire family. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and I used my favorite cotton, Rowan Handknit Cotton. For both the hat and the sweater I used exactly 3 skeins and had maybe 1 yd. left. You will also need a yard or two of green and brown for the stem and leaf.

The pumpkin hat was knit with less than one skein of worsted weight Rowan Softknit Cotton and a smidge of pale green Rowan Handknit Cotton. There are loads of cute examples on Ravelry with knitters making berry, pumpkin, and apple hats, etc. with this versatile pattern. I have a reader who knits these fruit and veggie hats and passes them out to strangers in her small town, then has fun spotting them around town all fall and winter! Don't you love that?

The Links:

Lil' Apple Hat, free pattern from Iryna Boehland
Flax sweater pattern, free from Tin Can Knits
Baby Berry Hat, free pattern from Michele Sabatier
Rowan Handknit Cotton, 100% machine washable cotton

Here are a few more hats you might like:

The Pumpkin Hat, free pattern from Jill Albert Allen
Kurbus Baby Hat, free pattern from Natalja
Sweet Pumpkin, free pattern from Drops
Pumpkin Hat, free pattern from Sarah Hood
Punkin Head, free pattern from Tara Thomsen
Sweet Strawberry, free pattern from Drops

My Ravelry project pages have more knitting info: the apple hat, the sweater, the pumpkin hat.

An early morning walk around the neighborhood with the dog means that Carter needs to wear one of his hats to keep him warm. He's got a collection  of four hats to choose from now (so think I am done knitting hats for a while). The kids say that people smile and make comments on his hats! Seriously, not a cuter sight than a baby in a hat!

We are staying in today and having a tandem cooking day. My husband is going to make chili and I'm going to make beef stroganoff and we'll make extra for the freezer. I've also got a Christmas craft in mind if I have time, and then there's always knitting of course! I've also finished some sweaters for me that I hope to blog about soon--all with simply gorgeous yarn.

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Better be careful baby! You look so cute, daddy may have to take a bite out of you!


Mr. Mouse

I had the baby for a sleepover and even with all our busy activities--eating, napping, smiling, cooing, looking, singing, walking, and a few crying jags, we still made sure to take the time to squeeze in a little photoshoot. Nothing too taxing, just 3 minor clothing changes. Today Carter is wearing his Bearly Bonnet but we think he looks more like a perfectly adorable mouse. The pattern is easy and well-written, plus it's darling and free, and took just one quick evening to knit up.  The kids say when they take him out for a walk with his new hat, he receives lots of smiles and giggles. I knit Mr. Mouse in my favorite baby yarn, Rowan Super Fine Merino 4-ply and it used one full skein. Just love that stuff. 


Bearly Bonnet, free pattern by Pure Stitches
My Ravelry project page with the detailed info
Rowan Super Fine Merino 4-ply, 100% machine washable wool

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Below are images from Pure Stitches.


Tiny Tot, free pattern

I have a cute, easy peasy, free pattern to share with you today. I created the Tiny Tot hat for my 2 1/2 month old grandson. It matches another free pattern perfectly, the French Macaroon pullover by The Noble Thread. When I made the sweater, I loved it and knew I wanted a hat to match. So here 'tis, the Tiny Tot hat in 4 sizes, newborn, baby, toddler and child. It's so easy, you'll have it done in no time at all. The Macaroon sweater is equally easy and turned out adorable. He looks like a little doll in his new outfit, doesn't he? 

The Links:

Tiny Tot free pattern by Kristen Rettig
in 4 sizes, newborn, baby, toddler and child

French Macaroon free pattern by The Noble Thread
in 6 sizes, newborn to 4 years

Rowan Softyak DK
I'm a big fan of this yarn. It knits up beautifully even,
is well priced and soft, plus it's machine washable.

Thank you for popping by.  I can't wait to see your Tiny Tots!
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Solitude Yarn Swatch Along, babysitting and a party

We had our 2 1/2 month old grandson spend the night for the first time last night and he smiled and cooed all the way though his breakfast this morning! Phew, the night went well, but yesterday we were all nervous, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. Only baby was certain we could all pull it off. I have spent the night at their house and have done the night duties so I knew what to expect. Since we hope to have him often, we have a guest room decked out with all his necessities: a brand new pack and play, his father's baby night-light that I had saved, a borrowed changing pad, and a massive diaper bag filled with 24 hours of baby supplies. I almost forgot the best thing we purchased, a Stork Craft Glider. It's a life saver for my back. But hearing a coo, then peering into a crib and seeing a baby smile back at you, there's nothing much to match it. He is gone now, mommy has come to pick him up and I was so proud that I was able to hand him back no worse for the wear!

Tonight we are having a dinner party, another of our last minute parties planned to grill some friends who just got back from a vacation we've always wanted to take--a month long driving trip to some of our beautiful American National Parks. Have you done anything like that? It's high on our bucket list. 

Somehow the table came out looking fancier than my menu is. The table, which I would normally set in 10 minutes, took me hours. I set it almost entirely with one hand, including the tablecloth--the other hand was holding my little buddy. We talked the whole time about setting a table and he seemed fascinated, really he did, but only for a few minutes at a time. It went something like this: set out 6 amazing glasses one at a time while talking and cooing, then fuss, then take a walk around the amazing garden, come back and set out 6 amazing plates one at a time, again talking and cooing, then fuss again, take a walk to see what amazing grandpa was up to, etc. After an hour of that it was time for a nap and I mean for both of us.

Tonight's menu is tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad. I've used that menu before for a party and it makes everyone so happy, but be honest, when's the last time you had tomato soup and a grilled cheese? Ages I'll bet. And that's so sad because we all love those old-timey comfort foods. My recipes are a big upscaled because the tomato soup is homemade from our home grown tomatoes and will be topped with homemade pesto. The sandwiches will be a bit gourmet with some lovely bakery bread and a great cheese mixture. Rather than sliced cheese, I coarsely grate good English cheddar, then add grated parmesan and gruyere, add a bit of mayo and a few chopped chives and a dash of mustard powder, then spread this mixture evenly on bread, then proceed as usual for the best grilled (or toasted) cheese sandwich ever. We'll finish off the night with Cowboy cookies and apples for dessert.

The Swatch Along with Solitude Wool starts today. Participants will be swatching a breed specific yarn each week, taking notes, then sharing our findings in a Ravelry forum set up for this. This is something so up my alley as I have a real interest in learning more about the different sheep breeds and their characteristics. I expect this knowledge will help me with future yarn purchases and pairing them with the right pattern to best show it off. I'm super excited about it.

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