Lillet is Baby Cocktails newest design. I thought it would be perfect for the BC Garn yarn I purchased when I was visiting Portland in December and I knit it up in no time. I love the pretty lace neckline which is a very simple repeat and fun to do. As a bonus, Baby Cocktail patterns are always full of customizing-for-fit tips. Lillet is knit top down, so once the short row back neck shaping and the lace collar are finished, it's just knit all the way down, so make sure you use a yarn you love to knit in stockinette. I finished it with the optional short-row shaped hem that is shorter in the front.

The yarn is a treasure! The color, Misty Blue has a lovely melange of pale watery blues. Semilla is easy to knit and easy on the hands with a nice bounce and an elegant rusticity. It softens nicely after a soak and I can easily wear it next to my skin. I think it's a very well priced yarn and was happy to see that Webs carries it.  It is GOTS certified organic 100% wool, and comes from Argentina. I'd use it again in a heartbeat. 

BC Garn Semilla Melange

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I'm almost finished with Pine Creek below. The lace yoke is finished and I'm halfway through the stockinette body. I've been trying it on as I go and I cannot wait until it's finished! 

little jelly bean, a free pattern


Here's our little guy wearing a sweater I made 3 years ago for my hope chest of baby sweaters--hoping to one day have another grandchild, and here he is!  At 18 months, an image of stillness he is not, and for these pictures my husband stood behind me and made funny faces. If I point my camera in his direction for 20 seconds or so, I'll get enough good shots of him and the sweater! These were taken minutes before we headed out the door for the coast for a walk on the wharf and lunch at our favorite beach eatery, Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. We had all been sick with colds for weeks, so going on an outing was a celebration of sorts--celebrating good health!  Sam's has a beautiful view and great food, plus there are easy steps to the sand of a very gentle cove. I always order grilled sardines much to my husband's dismay. He loves to eat my leftovers but won't touch the sardines. But for me they are hard to resist. They catch them fresh right off the coast every morning and are so healthy and good. My guy always gets the linguini or fish and chips and without fail, a bowl of clam chowder. We ordered popcorn shrimp for the baby. He dipped his little shrimps into the cocktail sauce, made a face and proclaimed it to be too spicy, cried for milk, took a desperate gulp, told us it was too cold, then repeated the little scene. Again. And again. And again. Finally the plate of popcorn shrimps and the glass of milk were gone. We think he likes spicy food! After lunch we walked on the beach and climbed rocks. We strolled on the pier and talked about the pelicans and seals. We saw so many boats! We had a perfect day. Oh my, it's so nice not to have a cold and especially nice to spend the day with the baby.

This pattern is the famous and free Little Coffee Bean cardigan for 3, 6 and 12 months. I modified it a bit to make it more like a size 2-3 toddler. That is easy to do in this pattern: Cast on for the largest size adding stitches in multiples of 4. I added 4. Knit as directed making the raglan increases until you have the size you want. If you are unsure what the measurement should be, you can measure it up against a sweater whose fit you like, or use this site to find the standard child/youth measurements for sweaters. The pattern is knit with worsted weight wool which is somewhat bulky on a little one, so consider that before you begin and make sure you want that look and feel. There are other patterns available that will make the same sweater using dk or fingering weight yarns for a more lightweight sweater. Go to this post for the links to those free patterns, plus ideas and tips for scrappy sweaters galore! This one knits up very quickly with such a big gauge and would be perfect for using up your scraps as it would look darling in crazy stripes of leftover colors. I used Madeline Tosh Merino Worsted in Optic and the red is Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted in Cardinal. 

with links for free patterns and tips for making a perfect baby sweater

My Ravelry project page for Little Jelly Bean

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gingersnap, free pattern

With all the Gingersnap jackets I've made over the years, my own grandson didn't have one until now! We took him around town today in his new sweater and he got so many compliments! Well, I must say he did look absolutely darling in it. 

This is the two year size. I know I've promised to revise the pattern to include the larger sizes, but I have to apologize as it has not happened. I could give you a million excuses why, but the bottom line is, I just have not. Maybe one day I will, I'm sure hoping I will, and if I do, I will shout it out loud and clear! In the meantime, the Gingersnap pattern for the one year size is always available for free on Ravelry. There have been over 450 made and they are all so cute! There is also a little matching sweater for your child's teddy or doll. Links below.

My little model will stand still(ish) for only seconds. Literally seconds. As soon as he felt he had stood still enough he turned right around and walked into the laundry room which gave me a good photo of the back! He loves the laundry room with its bouquet of brooms and mops in the corner.  He loves to clean the floor, dust the furniture, and fold laundry, but believe me, when he is done "helping", the house looks like a disaster! The purple spider broom is a particular favorite of his. We walk around the house looking high and low for spider webs to vanquish! Such fun!

Had enough!

What luck! The laundry room door is open!

Score!  We have the purple spider broom!

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Today's Forecast: new projects with 100% chance of knitting bliss

Hello! I hope you are all good and well! We are emerging from a January that was filled with colds for everyone. Everyone meaning the baby, mommy and daddy, and all three grandparents. All at the same time. But finally and happily, we are all mostly better or getting better, so all is good. I woke this morning feeling almost back to normal and decided to treat myself to a feel-good task and get my next knitting projects Raveled and bagged. I love feeling organized! I'm finishing up a few sweaters and looking ahead to my next! Also, for the first time in weeks we are going out to dinner and I've got two new sweaters to choose from--FOs that need to be photographed and blogged about soon. But until that's done, here's the most recent line-up:

I have some lacy yoke patterns in my queue. Here's Pine Creek matched with a yarn I've had in my stash for years!

I love a ribbed yoke and had this yarn in my stash for quite a while. Happy to find the right project!

I meant this yarn for another project, but I didn't like the way it was turning out, so frogged and repurposed for
The Balloon Cardigan.

I cannot wait to start this. My Zweig will be one color.

I've made a lot of progress on Kate since this picture. The body is done, now on to the sleeves and button bands.

The body on Lillet is finished and next come the sleeves,

Dearne--almost done! Just the cuffs of one arm!

Do you have as many projects as I do? I guess I am a fickle knitter and cannot stay loyal to any project for very long. But I always do come back to it and finish. According to my Ravelry page, Dearne has been in the works since July! Thanks for popping by, and if you'd like to leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.


areas shawl

I finished this so long ago, I don't know why it took me so long to post it. I bought the pattern because I had to see how it was knit, then started it right away because it looked like such fun. I finished it in record time because it was relaxing--garter stitch and Shalimar Breathless, perfect for a soothing knit. Breathless is one of the softest yarns I've knit with to date and Areas is a very clever pattern. Fun!

2/23: I'm editing to add, the pattern is a great travel knit as you only work with one color at a time and there are no picking up stitches. It's all easy and pretty brainless, trust me. No intarsia or anything like that.

With so many beautiful and crazy looking shawls coming out on Ravelry, I find I love to look at them and would love to knit them for the fun of it, but in reality, I know what I wear. This is simple, starkly graphic, and easy to wear. It doesn't clash with anything and I don't feel like it's shouting out to be noticed. I like that.

Areas by Martin Behm
Shalimar Breathless
My Ravelry project page

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baby flax fade, free pattern

When you've had enough.

I just can't tell you how much I love this sweater! Flax Light is a free pattern from Tin Can Knits and is sized from newborn to 4XL. It's so fun and easy to make too. I had some Madelyn Tosh Unicorn Tails meant for a shawl, then a scarf for me, but I really didn't like the way either was turning out so the yarn became a fade for a baby sweater. The colors faded together to make a simply gorgeous color story. My Ravelry page says I started this last April, but I was in no hurry because I was making the 2-4 year size and my grandson was not even a year old. But he is a big boy and now at 18 months I realized he could just about fit into it with the sleeves rolled up so I pulled it out and finished it. It's lightweight and will be nice through spring and perhaps fit next year as well. The super quick photo shoot was extremely wiggly, and when he'd had enough, he let me know!

Flax Light (fingering weight version) free pattern from TinCan Knits
Flax (worsted/aran weight version) free pattern from TinCan Knits

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