Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

We harvested the most beautiful tomatoes this weekend.
My husband filled the sink with tomatoes, pears and apples.
These are not small pears, they are the regular pear size,
but the super sized tomatoes make them look tiny.
Next thing I knew he brought in some more.
 I weighed the biggest ones.
 This one has a bit of a rumply shoulder, uneven ripening I think.
Still it was scrump.
And beautiful.
 I think I got about 10 slices from it, 
maybe more!

I love love love summer!

pups by numbers

I have a small collection of 2 (is 2 a collection?) vintage paint-by-number poochs that guard my kitchen.  The German Shepherd Dog I bought because I love that breed and have been lucky enough to live with a few. 
But this collie mom and her puppies I had to buy..
because of what was on the back:
Awwww.....can you stand it?

Barbara Jean, we know the herculean task that lay before you when you got your kit some 50 years ago.  Many of us tried a paint-by-number (me, I attempted a praying Jesus), but few of us finished.  But girl, YOU DID!  8:30 P.M. you put on your last brushstroke, probably past your bed time.  You deserve to feel very proud.

Barbara Jean, your paint-by-number dog portrait is still well loved 50 years later! Thank you so much.

Did any of you make a paint-by-number?  I think they are still available on Ebay!  I don't know if they are new or vintage, but I think I'd rather knit!

Scrappy Creekbed

I'm in love with my Scrappy Creekbed.   The pattern is free here!  It's designed by Stephen West who is my idol because he can knit while he walks and dances.


I used one purchased skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock in a blue-green color as my anchor yarn.  I then raided my stash and found about 6 colors of fingering weight yarn that I thought would compliment.  It's mostly bits of Rowan 4 Ply Soft and Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply and a few unlabeled and unknown bits. 

The Chevron pattern is so easy and so Missoni-ish.  
Inspired and craving more chevron stripes, I went to my lys to purchase the beautiful book, The Fine Line to make the stunning Volt in the exact colors of the book sample.  But...I will not allow myself to cast on until I finish two quickies that are on my needles, a scarf and a cape.  Ravelry link.
Some more chevron stripey fun!