the golden hour

Isn't this so pretty? Mosaic knitting is the easy way to get the look of stranded knitting without doing anything fiddly. Mosaic's color changes happen magically with slipped stitches, working with only one color on a row and changing colors every other row. It's easy and addictive!

I love knitting patterned shawls and sweaters but don't usually knit them as I don't often wear patterns. When getting dressed I seem to always grab the very plainest of sweaters and shawls in my collection of knits. But even with saying that, I do think I'll wear this often. The Golden Hour with all its eyelets and bobbles is from the darling Andrea Mowry and was so fun to make. Once I started it, I didn't touch another project until it was done--very unusual for fickle me! I used Kelbourne Woolens worsted in gray and charcoal and some Rowan Softyak DK in gold.

Kebourne Woolens Worsted

I hope you have a cozy, getting-close-to-the-end-of-summer weekend planned. If you are in the USA you are celebrating Labor Day with a long weekend! Yay! We have the baby today and he is spending the night tonight so the kids can have a date night. We have the family coming over on Monday to celebrate my husband's birthday. I'm making a pie, one of the four pies I make a year. You can mark the seasons with my pies. If it's blackberry or ollalieberry, it means it's Father's Day. If it's apple, it's September 3rd and my husband's birthday; a pumpkin and a pecan is for Thanksgiving. He loves them all!

Last week when I was photographing my works-in-progress, the fairy lights that frame the window above came loose and fell on top in the most pretty way.  I'm trying not to disturb it!

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dusty pinks

Where I live, the hydrangeas are starting to dry and change from bright to dusty pink. When that happens then it's time to pick and preserve them for fall and winter. It's easy: When they begin to change color, cut a blossom and strip it of its leaves. Place in a water vase half filled with water out of direct sunlight. As the water evaporates, the blossoms will dry out completely, freckle up, fade even more, and continue to be gorgeous for months and months. 

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I'm so happy to say hello!

Hello! I'm still here but have had to put myself on a social media exile for the time being. In late spring my mother became very ill and sorting out everything involved with that has taken much of my time. This dear blog of mine, sweet Ravelry and daily postings in Facebook have had to take a back seat to caring for mother, who at 89 is handling the new transitions in her life like a champ. It's all too much to talk about here, and honestly, I really don't have the words to quite describe what she is going through. Maybe it's enough to say it's overwhelming to us all--sad, complex, complicated; with a labyrinth of paperwork, research, questions and phone calls that rivals anything I've ever done. My two goals are to support my mother with love and dignity and keep myself healthy while doing it. If you've read this blog for only a short time, you'll know that knitting and gardening are two things that help to keep me sane, so I've been trying to keep those two in my life as much as possible. As I'm writing this, I'm smelling the tomatoes and garlic roasting in the oven, soon to become tomato sauce. And as for knitting, it's all about gorgeous yarns and patterns that showcase fabric and fit. I've been knitting up a storm as you'll see.

Ready for the oven.

This is a new yarn from Rowan. Alpaca Classic is a cotton alpaca blend and it's GORGEOUS! The yellow is a bit of a change for me and I'm really happy with it. I'm making Outlined by Suvi Sumola and will most likely use a charcoal for the "outline". 

This is Isabell Kraemer's lovely top-down Larimar knit with a favorite yarn of mine, Rowan's Super Fine Merino 4 Ply.

I have no idea what this will be, most likely some kind of fade. Isn't it gorgeous? Tusken Knits Fife in Cordelia and Love Struck Baby, and Spud and Chloe's Fine Sock.

Weekender, you wonderful pattern, you! I made a Weekender for summer in white cotton and wear it all the time. It may well be one of my favorite sweaters to wear ever! I'm remaking it here for winter in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Optic and Rowan Fine Silk in Cream combined and knit double. Sublime.

This is the knitting that I keep in my purse (a big straw bag for summer) for emergency on-the-go knitting as it's knit in pieces making the size manageable, plus the yarn is sturdy so I can leave it at the bottom of the bag and don't worry about it getting ratty. I love a simple and flattering v-neck, and I don't know if it could get any prettier than with a fine gray tweed, Valley Tweed by Rowan.  Pattern is Dearne by Lisa Richardson.

Right now, this is getting the most attention, Floozy by Libby Jonson. I've been looking for a beautiful mosaic stitch yoke pattern for quite a while and they are not easy to find! Floozy is new and gorgeous and so much fun. I'm using Rowan's Finest in Star.

Garter Yoke Cardi in Tusken Knits Cabin DK in Pigwidgeon.
I guess a works-in-progress post would not be complete without a poncho! This one is Sheltered by Andrea Mowry knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and Isager Alpaca Wool 2.

A darling little Flax Light for my grandson knit with some Unicorn tails and odds and ends of fingering weight yarn. I've been fading it and just love it to bits.

This will be my next knitting project for the baby. The Honey Bee Jacket by OGE designs in Rowan Softyak DK.

And here is that precious darling. He loves to hug and kiss my yarn. He sticks his hand into my knitting basket and looks sternly at me and says, "knitting, no-no" and I agree with a half smile. It's true that my knitting is a no-no as he can make a mess of a project in no time. We make peace by my letting him hug the skeins whenever he wants for as long as he wants. We watch him two days a week, and today my husband said, "We don't have the baby until next week? I miss him!" I miss him too!

I have five projects that I've completed but haven't been able to model/photograph. I'll give myself some time to get that done. As for all the projects above, I love working on every one of them. Some get attention for a few days or a few hours, sometimes even only a few minutes, before they are put back in the basket and I reach for another lovely yarn filled basket. Eventually they all get done!

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