Hello! This is a quick post to share a sweater I finished a few months ago and never got around to blogging about. Fiskur is knit top down in the round with the most fun and fast little colorwork pattern made by slipping stitches in a magical way so it creates little flying fish around the yoke. Such a fun knit! I remember modifying the neck quite a lot and opting for just a simple crew neckline. I added a few German short rows at the back neck to raise it a bit. I made the smallest size which was 31" bust, but was able to make it closer to a 34" because my gauge was 22 sts. per 4" instead of 24. Having a larger gauge will make a sweater larger, so you will have to knit a smaller size if you want it to fit. The yarn was Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino, their answer to Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashermerino. Rowan says this yarn is a sport but I really think it's more of a DK weight. The fabric was way too tight at 24 st. per 4" and looked better at 22". That's why I knit the smallest size! The yarn is lovely to knit and baby soft next to the skin. On my sweater the sleeves were too blousy! I had to heavily decrease them as I was knitting them down but was happy enough with the fit in the end. The sleeves also came out too short, my miscalculation, but before I add an inch to the cuff I'm going to block it first to see if I can't add an inch that way. It's a superwash yarn so should be very stretchy out of a water bath. Because of that I have a love/hate affair with superwash yarns: love that they can be washed in the washing machine, but dislike their stretchy tendencies. I usually pop superwash sweaters in the dryer for a bit to get them back into shape. Either way, fixing too-short cuffs is an easy fix. It's a casual and warm everyday type of sweater and I'm happy with it. Take care! xo Kristen

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