I Got You, Sweater Babe

Maybe many of you might be too young to know this signature song by Sonny and Cher. In 1964ish at a Teen Fair in Los Angeles,  when I would have been about 13 or so, my girlfriends and I were wandering around and stopped at one stage where a girl and guy were singing. We thought they sounded bad, but stayed on because there was something about her...something cool...so we lingered and listened.  Soon the two were sitting on a fence and chatting with some kids so we moseyed over and really, I had never seen anyone like her before. She was so exotic, so original, and looked really really trashy. After all, she ringed her eyes with black eyeliner and had skin toned Erase on her lips, but never mind, so did we. And she was also wearing skin tight pants, but oh yeah, so were we. And Squaw Boots, but of course we were wearing them too.

But her makeup was not gently applied like ours, but thickly spackled on.  Her pants were not in a floral print like our girly pants, her's were a black harlequin print (!!!).  And her Squaw Boots were not white like the good girls, they were BLACK. Only cheap girls wore black Squaw Boots. At least at my junior high school. Yep, trashy.

And hey, who was that old dude she was with?

We really hated her for making us feel so un-cool. We glowered at her. She glowered back. (She must have been all of 16, maybe 17) We glared at her through slitted eyes and made mental notes to grow our bangs out to lower-eyelash-length and spackle on our own Erase and eyeliner.  And where did she get those slutty pants? We definitely wanted to look just like her.

That's the one and only time I've seen Cher in concert, but I'd love to see her in Las Vegas! Surely this time around I wouldn't despise her originality but LOVE her for it!

Well, on to the knitting. Here is the Lush and Lacy by Sweater Babe using less than 6 skeins of Rowan Kid Classic (a wonderful yarn to knit and wear, it's a mainstay around here) in a Kim Hargreaves colorway, Plush, #867. It's fun and fast and easy (even the lace panel is easy), pretty good tags for a sweater! Raveled.

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For the last 5 years I have worked at a little shop that sells beautiful linens for bed, table and bath. Before I came onto the scene, the discontinued fabric samples were, hold on, THROWN OUT! I know! Of course that has all changed now. Every thing that can be mended or re-purposed comes home with me and waits patiently in my little home studio before it becomes something else. With acres of fabric samples collected, I've made dolly clothes galore, (but I knit for them too, and they now have way too many garments between them), made lapfuls of napkins and place mats, oodles of hand towels, have cut towers of squares for soon-to-be quilts and still have baskets and boxes of fabrics leftover.

When I took home a bag of 6"x20" strips, I had no idea what would become of them. But their pedigree was too fine to ignore, most are Italian silks and cottons and wools. At the same time my Kindle was needing some protection, and with necessity being the mother of invention and all, I made a simple, really simple, Kindle case. Since the edges were serged already, it took me only a few minutes to zig-zag up the two sides and voila, it was done. And I just loved the way it turned out. (Mine is the herringbone/checked one.) Then I made a few more, then a few more, and one hour later I had 24.

So they are offered up to you. They fit the 5.5"x8" Kindle perfectly and snugly and they're free! Just comment here and I'll contact you for your address. Please don't be shy. I really do have 24 and I only own one Kindle.
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