Top Ten FREE baby sweater patterns

August 03, 2016

I adore knitting for baby and collect baby patterns like one might collect seashells.  While writing this top ten list, I went way over my budget and gathered twenty free patterns instead of ten.  Pattern links, yarn weights, and sizes available are in the captions below each picture. All yarn weights are featured in the patterns below: fingering, sport, DK, worsted, aran and bulky weights.  If you have some stash, you can quickly scan down to find the right pattern.  Use these patterns as a springboard for your imagination; make a dear baby sweater in a solid color or add stripes, intarsia, fair isle, or stitch texture; let whimsy be your guide!  Which one will you make first?

knit in worsted weight in three sizes:  3, 6, and 12 mos.

Fingering weight in three sizes:  newborn, 3 mos., and 6 mos.

Knit in worsted weight in one size:  6 mos.

Knit in aran weight in two sizes: 3 mos. and 12 mos.

knit in worsted weight in one size:  1 yr.
 (change to DK weight for 6 mos.)

Knit in bulky weight in two sizes:  4-8 mos. and 8-12 mos.
Stacked Stag-Horn Pullover by Stacey Cilia
Knit in DK weight in two sizes:  6 mos. and 12 mos

Jill by Martin Storey of Rowan
Knit in DK weight in four sizes:  3, 6, 12, and 18 mos.

Knit in DK weight in three sizes:  3, 6, and 12 mos.
This pattern has been removed from Ravelry but if you would like the pattern,
I don't think the designer would mind if I shared it with you. Email me.

Knit in worsted weight in one size:  6 mos.

Knit in fingering weight yarn in one size:  18-24 mos.

Knit in sport weight in one size:  6-12 mos.

Knit in bulky weight in four sizes from 3-6 mos. to 24 mos.

fingering weight yarn in one size:  18" chest
Knit n sport weight in six sizes:  3 mos. to 2 yrs.

knit in worsted weight yarn in 4 sizes, 6 mos. to 2 yrs.
Knit in worsted weight in four sizes:  6 mos., 1, 2, and 3 yrs.

DK weight in three sizes:  3, 6, and 12 mos.
Knit in DK weight in two sizes:  3 mos. and 6 mos.

Knit in DK weight in one size: 9-12 mos.

Knit in worsted weight in four sizes:  6 mos. and 1, 2, and 3 yrs.

 And now for some baby things that don't fall in the sweater category:

Best Baby Booties:  Saartje's Booties

Best Baby Poncho:  Hooded Baby Poncho from Lion Brand 

Totally Free/Totally Adorable has been a popular post this last year and has some good tips.

A word about yarn--please do mother a favor and knit your baby and children's garments in machine washable wool or cotton.  A mere whisper of hand wash only and your precious sweater will quickly land in the bottom of the dresser drawer.  Think soft--baby will let you know if he's uncomfortable.  I am a Rowan fan and can recommend these wool and cotton yarns:  Pure Wool Superwash DK and Worsted, Summerlite DK and 4-ply, Softyak, Baby Merino Silk and all the Super Fine Merinos.  Quince and Co. makes some great machine washables as does Cascade.  The Cashmerino line by Debbie Bliss is also machine washable.  Not all superwash yarns can go in the dryer so if it's a gift, give a little "care tag".  If you are knitting stripes from stash, like the first one below, make sure your yarns are all the same weight and require the same care.  When gifting, I almost always knit the 12 mos. size and here's why: at one year, babies are standing up and smiling, clapping and causing commotions, and generally craving attention wherever they go.  Everyone looks at them, and therefore, everyone will look at your sweater too!

xo, Kristen

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  1. Hi Kristin! I have made Baby Sophisticate (so cute and easy peasey) but I just adore your Gingersnap!


    1. Thank you! There are so many cute baby patterns out there, but I hope you'll knit Gingersnap one day!

  2. Darling, all. But do love the stripey ones best!

  3. Thanks for all the inspiration. I always enjoy your posts.

  4. You are so clever, I love all your photos on knitting and dinner parties. I have started only knitting 1 year old sweaters as gifts also, thanks to you.

    1. Thank you Debbie! And I'm glad you think knitting one year size does make sense!

  5. They are all adorable. Makes me want to have a baby. Love your photos.


  6. I didn't want this parade to end. All so cute! I may give the baby-blue Simple Baby Pullover a try. I love the simplicity of it. Chloe

    1. I almost didn't add that, and then I thought, nope, sometimes simple is best! Well actually, more often than not that is true!

  7. There are 850 examples on Ravelry so a lot of people agree with you, Kristen! Plus simple gives more room for variation like color blocking, etc. as soon as I find the right yarn I plan on casting on for this pullover. I don't knit socks so baby things are reasonably portable. Especially if I carry my BIG purse:-).

  8. I LOVE your blog and am amazed by your wonderful tastes in home, gardens and knits! I have a new grand baby, Hudson... he is the same age as your precious little one. I want to make ALL the baby sweaters! Thanks, Christie

  9. I, too, make the 12 month size for babies. They get so many newborn clothes and outgrow them so quickly that they need the larger size. I always tell the new moms that the sweaters are for their babies when they reach their first birthdays.

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