Who doesn’t love owls by Kate Davies? Last time I made it, I wasn’t so crazy about the yarn, so this time I treated myself to some super soft superwash. Yum. It’s such a fun pattern, it deserves to be knit in something nice. That something nice is Cascade Superwash 128 in Lavendar, #1949.
Super fast, easy and adorable knit, but odd bunching at the back. I know people have commented on that and possibly rectified it, but I didn't get around to reading everyone's Rav pages or my last notes if any, so it is bunchy back there. But I can’t see it myself, so it’s just going to have to be okie-dokie. I love my pearl eyes. I made it nice and long, and made it last month, so if I made any other mods, I cannot remember!

Sweater #14 for 2010.

Inaugural Sweater

First the yarn: 6.5 skeins of SHELTER by Brooklyn Tweed in color Soot. LOVE it, smells wooly good, like friendly clean sheep with a bit of a Lysol note (!) which is appealing to me. It’s bouncy and stretchy when knitting and warm and tweedy while wearing. It reminds me of the old Rowanspun line which was a favorite of mine, but now discontinued. I love that the yarn is local USA grown and milled.
The pattern: Inaugural Sweater by Mary Anarella. Well written, but does not fit like I thought it would. I added inches in length and still a little too short for me. Also the decreases that are made so the sweater would open at the bottom didn’t really work like I wanted, I had to make many more. But my friends and hubby love the sweater, and looking at the pictures, I don’t know what I’m complaining about, it does look pretty cute! Also, I love the look of moss stitch, but hate to do it. This pattern was perfect for me, wide moss stitch lapels that give the look without too much work.

I have so many projects right now I can hardly keep them straight, but I'm up for the challenge! I have baskets filled with half made sweaters everywhere. I love the promise of a new project and start them willy-nilly, (darn it, I wish I could be more faithful to the project at hand) but at least I am being faithful to my yarn fast and am turning my nose up at the enticing Webs and Little Knits sales that pop into my inbox. But still I have such a large stash I'm able to start numerous projects with hardly making a dent. Gads.

This is sweater #15 for 2010, looks like I’ve met my mark and then some. I still have some projects to post, maybe I can get another one in today!

Gimme Shelter

My knitting friends already know this, but for my non knitting friends, a beloved knitting blogger, Brooklyn Tweed, turned pattern designer and now yarn designer, has introduced his first lovely yarn, Shelter. Worsted weight, but woolen spun, (he explains all that on his post about this yarn) It starts and finishes in the US, from Wyoming sheep to being milled and spun in historic Harrisville, New Hampshire. I LOVE that and immediately ordered 8 skeins in Soot. I have knit a bit, and you know what it reminds me of? Remember Rowanspun DK? It's very much like that. It's wooly and stretchy and makes a very nice fluid fabric, even while being dense and thickish. I know I will love the finished product, it's very nice to knit with.

My project for this lovely yarn (put aside ALL other wips for the moment) is the Inaugural Sweater. I think it's a perfect match.

Other than that, I have started a yarn diet with a group on Sexy Knitters. Arggh. It's for the best, but this will be a tough couple of months. Why don't you join us?

Next post will share some finished knits that need a nice picture. Soon I hope.