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August 01, 2016

First, thank you to all who entered my last giveaway.
I have 5 winners for a week of Blue Apron meals.

Congratulations to nswern, Venice1093, sklinn, debatdartmouth and dawn.

I have contacted you and cannot wait until you try your first Blue Apron!

The pictures above are from a dinner party we hosted last Saturday night for the summer installment of our Gourmet Group.  I love it when my turn lands in summer and we can eat outside.  We are 6 couples that meet four times a year; the hostess chooses the theme, plans the menu, and sends out the recipes.  This group has been going on for close to 40 years and we have consumed some of the most delicious food and had a lot of fun while doing it.   

My husband and I visited Jamaica in February and brought back two bottles of rum and several jars of various blends of jerk spice with the intention of having a Jamaican party.  I'm happy that my theme was so easily chosen as that is the most difficult part to me.  All the recipes were found on the internet and every single solitary one was a winner.  If you are looking for a themed dinner party menu, look no further!  Recipes links:


Rum and Coke
Shrimp with Chutney 

Cooked Greens

My midsummer garden is mainly sunflowers, hydrangeas and sedum--see my table arrangements above.  The sedum will bloom in autumn but I love to pick them as green buds.   The daisies and roses are still faithfully blooming, bless them.  The last half of summer always hits me by surprise--somehow I think summer will last forever.  But no, the days are getting shorter, the garden is beginning to poop out and the hydrangeas are starting to fade.  In another month I'll start to notice real signs of autumn; I just can't believe it.

I never failed to walk by this huge sunflower without seeing at least two bees having a feast!

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