two wisteria

April 22, 2011

I have these two large wisteria vines in my back yard.  They are magnificent.  They are difficult for me to photograph together and I can't really show how beautiful they are.  But they are beautiful and they are just in time for Easter.
Closer to summer the hydrangeas, dahlias, roses and zinnias will be in bloom
 Here's one and
 here's the other.
 I'll just share some shots
You should see us walking around these big boys.  We stare up in awe with our mouths open.  We think, how can this be in our backyard?

They are about 25 years old.  We planted them soon after we moved to this house.
A perfect match.
These are the peonies in the foreground.

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  1. What a gorgeous garden! I'm really jealous! How lucky you are! And what is on the nails?

  2. I think Wisteria are so beautiful! One of my favorite plants (or are they trees?). I've never even seen one in person. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous backyard!

  3. This is your yard? What a lucky gal! It looks like a botanical garden or something people would pay money to enjoy! I love it and thanks for sharing...

  4. I swear, your yard is like an Eden! I have the worst brown thumb ever and just have to enjoy vicariously.

    That's a great manicure. What color is it?

  5. Just beautiful! I'm so envious of your gorgeous yard. Ours looks like a wasteland ;( -- praying for rain here.
    Happy Easter!

  6. I really enjoyed the Wisteria. Just beautiful and the Egg Hunt but the most weird was the Big Hole.........


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