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April 17, 2011

At church this morning, one of the ladies decorated the
Palm Sunday brunch table with THIS adorable doily!
Doesn't this make you smile?


 This was made over 60 years ago by Annie Besseck, the grandmother of my friend Jeannie.
Help!  I'm looking for the pattern!
I have searched the internet but can't find a resource 
for this crochet pattern. 
Can anyone help?  
I'm putting it on Ravelry too.

I need one of these!
The chicks are stuffed with batt from an opening underneath the doily.
Mother is stuffed plump, then she can rest an egg in her feathers.
The batt comes out easily and then washed and stored till next time.
I knew you would love this just as much as I did.  I've done a pretty decent internet search with no luck.  If anyone has a clue where I can find this pattern, please let me know!  But in the meantime, aren't they adorable?

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  1. Thank you!
    I might take a leap and try to recreate it for next spring. Do you mind if I'll save a couple of your photos to my comp? -;)

  2. I was hoping someone with crochet skills could re-create this. Let me know how it's going! Yes, you may use all the pictures for anything.

  3. No luck for me either, but I did find these:
    (imagine serving a plate of your swan pastries on that!)

  4. Thank you knitpicky! I went to both sites and loved perusing through. The swans are lovely and the pattern was free, how very nice. I need more time to craft.

  5. I have a friend who made something similar to this with daffodils, so I am finding out if she knows this pattern.

    from Rosarenata

  6. after saw your pictures of this doily on ravelry we are hooked.
    We also want to find or make a personal pattern.

    beertje and judy


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