Vintage Cardigan

May 02, 2011

This sweet little Vintage Cardigan is another test knit, this time from Helen of Need Designs.  I made the 18 month size and really wish there was a fat little toddler in it because baby sweaters looked so much cuter modeled.  It has nice cabled detail on the plackets and sleeves.  This is a good cable to work your cable without a cable needle again, this technique will make the cables go pretty fast. 
I love test knitting, especially the process of going through a pattern with the designer and fine tuning it for perfection!  It's amazing to me how a young designer can make a little extra money putting her designs on Ravelry.  I have seen a few designers do very well in a short time.  Love that about the web.
I photographed the cardi on this old redwood garden furniture.  We aren't sure if this ancient set adds jaunty character to a dark corner of the garden or if it just looks old and ratty.  The moss and lichen, does this make it charming?
Or scary?
I haven't seen anyone sit on it for years.  Probably a good idea!
This weeks polish is Tickle My Francey by OPI.  I used to think I wanted the job of naming ice cream flavors, but now I want the job of naming nail polish colors.  This is a great neutral I wear a lot.

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  1. Cute sweater, Kristen! If I come across a cold baby, I'll let you know. :)
    As far as the garden furniture, since you asked--I am probably the last, refuse to give it up, fan of shabby chic. Just this year, I've admitted that it is just not the thing anymore. K and I have spent the last few months cleaning, water-proofing, painting and hiring contractors. I'm very glad we did now. Our stuff is still old, but it looks better. And we know it won't leak, rust, let in mice, or fall apart if sat on.

  2. This will make you laugh - guess what color nail polish I'm wearing? Kid you not - one and the same. Such a great neutral color.

    That's so nice of you to test knit and help a newer designer with pattern writing. I've thought about doing the same but my work comes in waves and so I'm leery of commitments on my time.

    BTW I think the mossy chairs are ~ charming :)

  3. Looks lovely and I love your photo styling for it :)

  4. Oh what an adorable baby sweater pattern. I love baby knits in grey yarn. When is hte pattern going to be released.


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