Genevieve Pullover

May 10, 2011

Love Genevieve Pullover by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I shortened the sleeves to bracelet length and used a cotton blend to wear it more as a summer sweater.  I love Celily's designs, so simple and classic.  Her patterns seem to be mostly top down and she is prolific, she has 5 pages of patterns on Ravelry and I'm sure I've favorited most of them.
Simple detail on the neckline.  I stabilized it on the inside by sewing in a narrow ribbon an inch from the border.  Sometimes boat necks will stretch and this will eliminate that problem.
Now about the yarn.  I bought it half off at my lys (it's discontinued) and swooned over the color and the softness.  I knew I would start a new project with it right away.  It's Rowan milk cotton dk.  The color is called Bloom.
As I was knitting I was thinking, what the heck do they do to milk to turn it into a fiber?  Got to be loaded with chemicals.  Got to be.  Then I read this post by a fellow Raveler.  Gah.  I was just finishing the sweater, so pulled out the label for a closer look.  Made in China... 

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  1. Well, you are at least as prolific in your knitting as MacDonald is in her designing :-) It looks beautiful on you!

    I have some milk cotton in my stash, and that post made me sad. It's already there, so I'm going to use it, but thank you for the food for thought.

  2. So pretty and boatnecks are my favorite! Good to know your ribbon trick as I've had that stretching problem with a boatneck sweater in the past.
    And who knew about the milk thing - sneaky old people making us think it's all nice and natural - not!

  3. I just bought some gorgeous creamy yellow milk yarn :( I'm trying to limit chemicals in my life too. Why is it ok to lie so much in our world culture now? ... all in the name of a buck.

    Compliments on you being pretty in pink! Great work :P

  4. I love this sweater, and your hair pulled up in a twist. It really lends itself to the open neckline. . . .and thanks for the info on "milk yarn". The word "milk" does make it sound so creamy and soft. Too bad chemicals and trickery and environmental damage, always seem to travel together!

  5. Beautiful Genevieve and that's an awesome color on you.

    Thanks for the link to the back story on milk cotton; I'm always sorry to hear about the harmful chemical processes involved in the production of some of my favorite yarns.


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