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May 05, 2011

 Here are the last of my small collection of tulipieres.  The first one, a two piece pink artichoke is a modern one fashioned after an antique and can be found on the internet in different colors and sizes.  The flowers are poked into the holes and they share a common well of water.
 It looks best with dainty flowers like these little wild daisys.
This next one is a little more versatile.  It is 3 separate pieces that can be stacked or use alone.  It looks great with pansies.
 I also love it studded with these beautiful Cecile Brunner rose buds.  There is no rose bud sweeter or more demure than the soft pink fingernail sized bud of Cecile Brunner.
However, there is nothing demure about the rose bush itself.  It grows so fast and so fiercely that it will happily climb up and over a garage, completely consuming it, which is probably a good thing.
 They have a light and delicate fragrance.  Cecile Brunner has just one bloom, enjoy it quickly!
Next morning, the little buds were fully open.  The flowers look like they're made from porcelain!
Or icing.
I have shown you this glass pyramid vase before.  Not really a tulipiere, but acts like one.
Full blown Peace and Pink Peace roses are in it today.  The Peace Rose was named the day Berlin fell to the Allies.  The wonderful story is worth knowing and can be read here.
 I'm not sure it these will last till Mother's Day, but oh well, there's more!

Yes, we are pretty rosy at our house.  Next week will be an explosion of blooms.

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