Vee and Blaze

May 15, 2011

Rainy Sunday and I finished two projects today.  I started this sweater about two years ago and ran out of yarn at the very end.  I spent time scouring the internet for the same dye lot with no luck and then forgot about it.  I am hauling out some UFOs to finish, kind of a spring cleaning, and ordered a skein of a different dye lot to finally finish this.  Sometimes whites can be funny, but think I am OK.
 This v-neck is from the Erica Knight book Classic Knits, Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever.  The title is a good one, but all the patterns are knitted flat and I rarely knit flat anymore.  Mostly I prefer top down.  However, I did knit this in the round from the bottom up and separated at the sleeves.  But the sleeves I did knit flat and next time I make this I will pick up stitches at the armhole, do short rows for the cap and then knit flat to the cuff, just like I did on my Audrey Sweater.  This way you get a much better fitting sleeve as I think this sleeve is a little too big on this sweater.

Still, just love it, simple and flattering and the yarn is lo-ver-ly.  Cathay by Debbie Bliss is a tad splitty but if you use smaller needles, I used 2 and 3 instead of the recommended 5, you get a better result.  Oops, just found out this has been discontinued but you can still find it on the internet.  Here is the sweater on Ravelry.
The rose is Climbing Blaze.  It's an easy care rose and re-blooms all summer and into fall.
 My husband's favorite color is red.  We have lots of red roses!
The metal arch that once anchored it in place has rotted away at the ground and now the roses are doing the anchoring.
We have over 100 roses and I love them all.  I really think it's amazing that I have this beauty to look at in my own garden and my husband and I really appreciate it.  It is A LOT OF WORK, but luckily, work we both enjoy!

Eyre shawl is being blocked, it's so beautiful and I'll show it tomorrow.

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  1. Lovely sweater--a true classic! Your roses look gorgeous. It's amazing to me that you can keep your nails up with all that gardening.

  2. I'm glad you can't see my nails right now!

  3. Gorgeous photos, as ever! I want to come and just camp in your back yard - it is unbelievably beautiful and I can imagine you enjoy it a lot :-)

    I think the sweater looks great - the arms don't seem too big at all. A little roominess will give you the versatility to wear it over other things in the fall.

  4. Fantastic sweater and of course roses!!!!

  5. Nice sweater and are you working on my scarf????? My one rose is blooming and I bought a tomatoe plant for my garden and now that I have my Nina's garden everything is in bloom. The blooms are so big they are over my little wall and I can enjoy them from my living room. I love your roses....Nice little rain today...and hail......

  6. Beautiful sweater. Nice fit and you look nice in white. I love the roses, they are so beautiful.

  7. Your roses have me amazing!


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