Cecile Brunner

May 24, 2011

In this recent post I made a small but pretty arrangement of Cecile Brunner roses.  I thought it would make a nice post to show this pretty rose in landscapes, all front gardens of houses I pass regularly on my morning walk.

This first two are across the street.  This one is by their mailbox...
and this one is battling the garage.  The rose is winning.
My next door neighbors keep theirs contained.  I love the way it frames their garage.
 Lots of them are used over arbor gates.

 This neighbor uses his front garden for his veggies, and a large Cecile Brunner.

Cecile Brunner can get so unruly!
  But kept trim they are angelic.
The morning changed from overcast to sunny during my walk.
The roses seem to photograph white, but they are really a soft, light pink.

 They have only one bloom, when they're finished, you won't see them again until next year.
There is still time to comment on my give-a-way and be eligible to win.  Please do!

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  1. What beautiful photos and roses! I so want a rose arbor! I hope we're going to be seeing pictures of your roses all summer long!

  2. So amazing! Natures beauty at it's best. I love the way that they trim arbors and homes and such...I bet that is a beautiful walk


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