little chairs for little people

May 13, 2011

I'd like to share some needlepoint with you today.
Little chairs for little people.  Needlepoint pillow cushions were stitched by me in the 70's and 80's from painted needlepoint canvases.

Awww, I've always loved these.  The simple little animals with the little rosebuds floating in the background.  The plaid ruffles.  The memories of a little boy sitting at a little red table to have graham crackers and milk.
These little oak chairs were given to me long ago by a friend of my mother's who found them in an old school in the mid west, about to be thrown away.  Gasp.  Thank you thank you thank you for thinking I would love them and throwing them in your car and bringing them all the way to California.  I do love them so much.  
Still in use, they are perfect now as step-stools and foot rests.
This chair is a modern copy of a colonial children's corner chair.  I love the violin playing fairies forever caged in a twiggy frame.  I used mostly wool with touches of gold and silver thread to illuminate the wings and the web. 
Wait, there's one more.  This rocker was in my mother's home before she downsized.  I used a plain canvas and did counted needlepoint to create the hearts from simple charted designs.

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  1. I was doing the same things in the 70's and 80's. Lots of needlepoint (painted canvases) in picture form and pillows. Plus embroidery depicted from 1800's samplers.
    Now I do just knitting and penny rugs (applique wool).

  2. I love how you always have several of everything to show!!

  3. They look fantastic with the needlepoint cushions. I think I love the ducks one the best. It is always nice to restore much loved pieces of furniture isnt it.

  4. I have always loved those chairs and knew you would love them and I miss my darling little rocker but I still have my darling stool and wish you could show it. I love to look at your Blog. Hugs....


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