Martin Storey's Afghan Knit-a-long

April 09, 2014

You might have already heard about Rowan's Mystery KAL.  If not, here's the info to get you up to speed!  Martin Storey has designed a 48 square afghan using Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.  There will be 8 designs published over 8 weeks, then two weeks for the trim and finishing, followed by a month for catching up.  As of this writing there are over 200 knitters around the world joining in and it's just the second day!

Important dates to know:  April 7, shopping list released here.  April 21, the first clue will be released here.  .

The patterns for the KAL are free, so if you want to join, just exactly how do you?  Several ways:

For those on Ravelry you can join the KAL forum that already has lively participation.  Simply join the group then reply to the thread to show your interest. Next, make a new project in your Rav Notebook and link it to the KAL pattern.  You can post yarn photos and questions in that thread.  If you are new to Rav forums and such, you can learn all that in this Rav wiki post.  Note, you can ONLY see the group thread on the forums tag if you "join the group", so DO!  At the top of every page on the thread will be links. The first will always be the latest clue (right now it is the Shopping List). The last 3 are the KAL pattern page (with all the same links), the post of the List of Participants, and the Rowan Facebook Page. All these links are also available on the Pattern page.

You will download the newly released pattern every Monday from the Rowan site.  If you are new to downloading free patterns here is the how-to.  By joining the Rav group, being on FB or reading my blog, it will be hard to miss when the new pattern is released.  This is all easy to do and will be crystal clear after you do it ONCE!

I am joining the Rav Forum and hope you will too.  If this is your first foray into a Rav forum, it will be a good one.  I know the moderators and it will be fun!  And there will be prizes!  I already know of one early prize: if you post your first square on the Rav page or the Rowan Facebook page you will automatically be entered into Cindi's awesome give-a-way of Rowan Fine Art Aran.  If Ravelry is not your thing, maybe Facebook is!  You can check into the Rowan Facebook page at any time to get the latest update.  If you are not on FB or Rav, I post on this blog every Monday, and at the end of every Monday post I will have the pertinent links.  Of course, the Rowan site will have all the updates.

I went to the Ravelry project page and snagged a few photos of color options to inspire you! 

Ute is using a subdued mix of neutrals with a few pops of color.

It looks like Cutty Sark is using Garage, Oxygen, Breton and Oxford.

Ann R has chosen colors to match the gorgeous fabric on her sofa.
I love lindaknittedpink's soothing color choices.

Anne has chosen warm tones using, and I'm only guessing, Gold? Seville? Damson and Apple?

Cindi has this gorgeous palette:  Periwinkle, Apple, Granite, White, Plum, Clove, Candy and Peacock.

Claire mixes blues and greens with two grays, Granite and Moonstone and adds a pop of Pretty Pink and Candy.

I'm using Granite, Raspberry, Almond and Umber.

But then I played around with some other colors, adding Breton to the Granite and Umber.

I like the heathery Apple with Granite and Almond.

I always love neutrals.

 Rowan Pure Wool Worsted can be purchased online at:

If I've left your favorite store out, send me the link and I'll add it!


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  1. Periwinkle, plum, ivory, granite, clove, candy, apple, and peacock. So pretty close!

  2. I think I did a fairly decent job after all! I will amend my post!

  3. You're making me crave an apple and raspberry pie topped with almonds!


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