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April 21, 2014

The first word I ever remember reading was "Kix".  I was sitting in the shopping cart and pointed to a box of cereal and said, "k i x, Kix!"  My 25 year old mother screamed, "You can read!"  I was so startled by her reaction I looked down at my big brother to see what he would make of it.  With a big smile he said, "That's good Kristen, you can read!"  It was about that time I had a dress with the alphabet printed all over in a jumbled way.  I loved it so much and would point to the letters and silently say them to myself.  I was so proud to wear it because I thought, if anyone sees me wearing this dress they will surely know I am a little girl who knows her letters.  This began my love affair with reading.

When I saw this sweet little cardigan I immediately thought of that dress and that early memory.  This cardigan would have to make the little wearer just learning the alphabet so happy and proud.  It looks like a lot of work to go into a sweater that would only be worn for a year or two at most, but just think of the memories that would endure let alone that it would most certainly become a treasured heirloom.  If I am ever so lucky, God willing, to have another granddaughter, I swear I will knit this.

Today I'm sharing a new book, a Mini Collection for children by Martin Storey.  All 13 designs are from the Rowan archives knitted with Baby Merino Silk DK.  I am especially fond of knitting for baby and child.  Everything always looks sweeter when in miniature and it's pretty fast knitting too!  I have only one tip for you when knitting for baby:  make sure the yarn is super duper soft and make sure it is machine washable.  Mother and child will love you for that.  Enjoy looking at these adorable sweaters.  All are given in sizes 1 year to 5 years except when noted.

Here's our cover girl, the Apricot cardigan and beret.  Just try to find something sweeter!

Handsome color choices here for Chestnut.

Cinnamon is gorgeous in this color combo, but I'm thinking this could be scrappy too! Size 3-18 mos.

Drizzle.  Tiny raindrops of purl stitches land on a field dotted with chain stitched posies.

My heart just about skipped a beat when I saw Fairy.

Practical, cozy and soft; Fudge Hat and Scarf.

Charcoal and lavender, such a sophisticated and moody color combo for Lemon cardi and beret.

Crochet a tiny mouse purse!  I'll just have to dust off the crochet needles to make Maple.

Pecan, richly textured with cables and bobbles available in sizes 3 mos. to 18 mos.

Walnut is a practical little sweater with simple cable and pocket details.

I'll be knitting Walnut using Wool Cotton color Misty.

My dear friend Ellie is having her first grandchild, a boy, this summer and I want to celebrate with her and knit a little something.  I have used Baby Merino Silk DK and I can assure you it's super soft and easy to knit, and of course machine washable.  However, in my stash I have 3 skeins of Wool Cotton which is also super soft, easy to knit and machine washable.  Both have the same gauge and similar yardage and I really must plow through my stash when I can.  I have the shower deadline coming up in the middle of May so I'll be showing this to you soon.


Mini Collection at Jimmy Beans, Deramores
Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK at Jannettes, Jimmy Beans, Deramores
Rowan Wool Cotton at Jannette's , Jimmy Beans, Deramores

I hope you've joined the Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL!  The first clue was published early, but from now on every Monday head over to the knitrowan.com site to download your free pattern.  Hint, the pattern is a dozen or so pages as it's in 4 languages.  Only print out the 2 pages you need.  If you need a Spanish translation go to Violeta's blog.

Don't miss out on some of the fun and the early giveaways that are being offered over on the Ravelry thread.  I already know of a giveaway from Cindi and one from Maria.

I've started mine already!  Each block takes an average of 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on your speed.  If you are knitting with a 4 color combo or any other combo that is different from the pattern, just wing it as far as which colors to use for each square.  For my four color combo I will make sure that I have equal amounts of each color.  In a few weeks I'll publish a more thorough post, but remember you can't make a mistake if you have chosen colors you like. 


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  1. What darling sweaters, caps, and models!! The story of the K.I.X. reminds me that when our kids were little, I would take the words from familiar product labels and make flash cards out of them. Everything helps. Of course I taught them phonics, but why not let them also learn from familiar products! Love your sweet story.

  2. Loved your story about KIX Kristen; so sweet! I have my first set of week 1 blocks done and am now waiti g for a week Today for the next reveal! It will give me some time to think of which of my 8 colours I will use. :). And I have a few other projects I can do too!

  3. What a sweet story, and darling sweaters too. I would love to knit them all but I am years away from grandchildren!

  4. I don't know what is more beautiful, the children modeling or the sweaters.


  5. What adorable patterns! I love them all! It must be wonderful knitting with the merino silk, too!


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