let the sun shine in

April 18, 2014

This morning I quickly ran around to take some pictures and post them before I ha to get back to cooking and the last minute cleaning.  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of digging and planting and weeding.  All the windows are washed, even the greenhouse windows got a good scrub, outdoor furniture scrubbed too, then floors polished, dust vanquished.  Thank goodness for house guests and holidays to find a reason to get everything in ship shape order.  I put Easter touches in every room and added a few hundred roses!  The yellow roses in the yellow pot in the kitchen are the beloved Peace rose. I think no garden should be with out it, plus it has such a beautiful story.   The roses on the dining room table are Climbing Eden (aka Pierre de Ronsard) from the climber that clambers over an arbor that leads to the vegetable garden.  The rose on the right side of the arbor is Joseph's Coat.  The rest of the roses are from David Austin. They're all blooming madly even though we think the peak is not for another week.

I love my table this year.  We bought these aqua glasses at West Elm for .99 each.  Oh yes we did.  With those I mind, I set about making a spring bunting.  Then I went to my favorite candy shop and bought the chocolate coconut nests with blue caramel eggs.  Next, raid my napkin stash and set the table and pick the flowers.  It all came together easily, I love it when that happens.

Hoppy Easter!


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  1. What an adorable post. Your table looks amazing. So pretty! I love all your Easter decor especially the parade of little wooden rabbits. You are so far ahead of us in Ontario as far as growing gardens. We have nothing yet and it is a feast for the eyes to see your roses. "Happy Easter". Hugs, Deb

  2. I remember having some very loverly Easter parties at your house! xxxooo !!!

  3. I can't imagine a prettier Easter post than this.



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