Annie's sweater

April 23, 2014

I like to knit my granddaughter a few sweaters each year, especially one for Easter.  This is that great top down pattern, Ravello from Isabel Kraemer.  The pattern is easily customizable as it's top down and knit in the round.  This time I made no waist shaping, shortened the sleeves and added an i-cord bind off for the neckline.  I LOVE this pattern and have a third one on my needles.  I like that you can fiddle with the yarn and gauge and still get a sweater that will fit.  Isabel is a genius.

The yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton DK in Geranium.  Annie just loves it and choose the yarn from my stash about a year ago.  I knew it would be her spring sweater so I set it aside and didn't pull it out until last month.  When I was almost finished, I thought, gulp, does Annie still like bright pink?  Things seem to change pretty quickly with 13 year olds.  I texted, "Do you still like to wear bright pink?"  Phew, her answer was YES!   She is itchy sensitive but Wool Cotton is so extremely soft I knew it would be no problem and she wore it the rest of the day.  It's also machine washable which I prefer to knit for her.  It's an easy going yarn and not needle fussy at all.  Super soft, easy to knit and get an even tension, machine washable, not pilly, doesn't stretch's a work horse of a yarn and over the years has continued to be one of my favorites.

That beautiful climber behind Annie is Climbing Eden, aka Pierre de Ronsard.  For us it's a prolific repeat bloomer and a stunning entry into our vegetable garden.  It's also lightly fragrant.

My long time readers remember Annie as a little girl.  It's hard to believe she is a teen now!  Isn't she beautiful? She texted me today to tell me she got a solo in the spring concert for her school choir!

All the details on my Ravelry link
Purchase Ravello pattern here
I can find Rowan Wool Cotton at my lys, but if you can't, here are some
 great online shops: Jimmy Beans, Deramores, Jannettes, Loveknitting, and Webs.

Thank you for dropping by and I'll see you next week with a baby sweater!


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  1. So so pretty! (the roses, too!)

  2. I'm glad she still likes pink, because it looks fantastic on her! Such a great, easy-wear sweater!

  3. Oh, my favourite colour :) Beautiful one, and Annie looks great :)

  4. Congratulations to your granddaughter on her solo. She is lovely in her sweater next to the roses that match!

  5. A lovely sweater! It fits your granddaughter perfect! And your roses ... dreamlike!!!

  6. Annie looks lovely in the sweater. Congratulations to her on getting to sing a solo!


  7. Annie is really growing up! What a lovely girl, and the sweater is beautiful on her!

  8. I started reading your blog when Annie was in kindergarten! She is still adorable!


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