A Winner!

April 04, 2014

Thank you for participating in the Knit Picks Caspian Circular Interchangeable needle giveaway.  There were 312 entries!  I was really excited about this giveaway as these needles are my favorite "go to" needle.  Thank you to Knit Picks for offering this lovely set to give to one of my lucky readers.

Here's how I chose one: I flipped a coin to see where I would start counting, heads for the blog post comments and tails for the Facebook comments.  Heads won, meaning I would count the first comment on my blog as comment #1 and the first comment on Facebook as comment number 117 (as there were 116 comments on the blog post).  This made sense to me!  Next I used the random.org to choose a comment number and the winner!  Congratulations to Jeuls!  I know you'll be a Knit Picks needle convert!

In this blog post, Needled, I review my favorite needles, and what needle I use and why for different fibers and projects.  I hope you find it helpful.  I love having giveaways as much as I love entering them.  I have a few more coming up!

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