how to make eau de vie de poire

April 11, 2014

Why would you grow a pear in a bottle?  
So you could make pear brandy at the end of summer, that's why! 

Everyone will ask, "How did you get that pear in the bottle?" 
And you'll say, "It's easy!"  Here's how:

The ingredients are simple:

One beautiful pear tree.
Some clean empty bottles.
Twine or strips of fabric.

Look for a healthy branch.

 Choose a healthy pear near a sturdy branch or the trunk, you'll need to secure the bottle.
The right time to do this is when the pears are the size of your thumbnail.
Strip the leaves and leave only the healthiest pear.

Insert the pear and branch into the bottle.  Now get creative and secure the bottle to the tree,
making sure the bottle opening is facing down to avoid rain water.

Depending on where your branch is, you can tie it to the trunk or sling if over a branch.

With a little luck and some daily maintenance to make sure the bottles remain fastened, 
at summer's end we'll have 3 pears inside 3 bottles ready for some brandy.  

You can do this with apples and think we just might have to give that a try too!

In future posts I'll be sharing lots of springy thingys that are happening around here!
Until next time...xoxo

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  1. I might give this a try, on my neighbor's tree that hangs into my yard!

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  4. I remember seeing this all over Switzerland! I wonder if I could do this with other fruit trees...

  5. What fun! Are you going to post a recipe, or do we just add vodka to the bottle.


    1. Hi Carole! I think you can either add vodka or a clear brandy. I hope we have a few successful ones that we can experiment with. I'll share!


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