March 03, 2014


This is an example of why you should save your ancient stash:  you may find a perfect use for it one day! When Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply was discontinued, and while brushing aside a crocodile tear, I bought a bag each of black, white and blue, and green.  I've slowly whittled away at it and love each time I get to use it.  It's so nice and easy to knit and next-to-the-skin soft...so sad it's gone. However it has been replaced by the equally lovely Fine Tweed, part of the Rowan Tweed family that includes a dk and an aran weight.

Isabell Kraemer designed the pattern.  The stripes are very flattering and every version I've seen I love.  She offers several ways to finish the neckline, but I left it "unfinished" like she did in her sweater.  The stockinette edge has a natural slight roll and I think it's pretty that way.  However, you could pick up stitches and knit a little rib or do an i-cord edging.  She has directions for both.  It's knit top down and in the round and has no shaping, but you could easily add some.  The pattern directions were very easy to follow and include short row shaping for the neckline.  By adding short rows, you bring up the neckline in the back which makes for a better fit.  Just a little note on choosing yarn for this pattern: Isabell recommends a fingering weight yarn knit to a DK weight tension.  So instead of having 28 stitches to 4 inches which is the typical gauge for fingering weight, you use larger needles to make 22 stitches to 4 inches.  Not all fingering weight looks good knit up this way so make sure you do a gauge swatch and like the way it looks.  When this tension change does work out, it's lightweight and drapey, and perfect for this pattern.  I think Ravello would also be nice in a dk weight.  Regarding placing the stripes, I think it's important to stop the stripes right at or slightly above the apex of the bust (the apex being the bust center or fullest part.)  Much more flattering that way.

My Ravelry project page
You can purchase Ravello here
Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply has been replaced by
the equally lovely Rowan Fine Tweed

Bye for now!  See you soon with more knitting!
xo Kristen

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  1. oh wow, I LOVE this sweater!! I love yours even more than the original. Off to add it to me queue...

  2. So I visited Purl Soho this weekend when I was in Brooklyn visiting my younger daughter. I love that store! Also found a fabulous store in Old Town Alexandria two weeks ago called Fiber Space Awesome! Our San Francisco AF son is now at Andrews AF Base. We went to visit him and his wife and Matilda Jane, born Jan 27th. I went bearing knitted gifts :)))). Our first granddaughter!

  3. Thanks for the positive comments about stash and how you have bought up yarn you like that is being discontinued. For a person who knits alot, this seems to be a sensible thing to do.

  4. I love that sweater!!!

  5. Great information about where the stripes should end--I will tuck that idea away and I'm sure my next striped sweater will benefit!

  6. I love Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply... wiping tears over here, too... but how wonderful that you can make this beautiful piece with it, years after it was discontinued?? WIN!


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