feelin' stripey

February 26, 2014

I admit to being the most fickle knitter.  I always have  n u m e r o u s  works-in-progress going on.  But I never worry, because I almost always finish them...some time or another!

Right now I'm feeling very stripey!

Go with a self striping yarn if you want the easiest way to way to add stripes to your wardrobe.
This will soon be a simple-to-knit top-down pullover.  I'll let the self striping do all the work for me.

I'm working on the gorgeous Guido in Rowan Purelife Revive. Stripes in a linen weave stitch. Love.

Guido from Rowan Mag 55

Save your oddballs!  Here's a simple baby cardi knit with 3 singles of Rowan Pure Wool DK.

This is last years BD gift from my darling girlfriends. 
It's on the back burner now but this fall it will be Caris from Kim Hargreave's, Storm, below. 

I'm saving up bits and pieces to make the cover girl sweater on Little Star.  Sigh.

Use that stash!  This will, one far away day, turn into Wharf.

Rowan Magazine 55 is very very stripey and some are free downloads.
Cardi stripes, peplum stipes, top-down stripes and sideways stripe.
View the Magazine 55 Online Collection of free pattern downloads here.

And then there's lacy stripes too.  Below left is Lourdes and right is Madonna.

I'm starting to gather up some stash for that Madonna.

And then a drum roll please for Belarus by Kaffe Fassett
knit in popsicle shades of Kidsilk Haze.  My girlfriend is making this.
It's gorge.  The pattern is free here.

Oh Ravello.  I love you so much.
Almost finished.  Modeled pics soon.
Knit using ancient stash yarn:  the beloved but discontinued Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply.
Ravello by Isabell Kraemer.

And another drumroll for Veera Valimaki's newest, Laneway.
I love the asymmetrical stripes.  Now you know what I'm thinking don't you?
Yes, KSH.
How about the colored stripes in one of the KSH Stripes color, like "Cool",
and then use the dark charcoal Anthracite for the solid?  Oh my.

And speaking of the color COOL, here is it knit up in Belle, the coolest cardi ever.
I love that the stripes don't match.

See you soon with some striped FOs!

xo Kristen


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  1. Yikes! Stripes! I love that Laneway too....I have an idea for it...... :)

  2. I love stripes! Scrumptious Pinks!

  3. Thanks for showcasing so many lovely patterns and yarns. I'm on a Ravello, too, right now but I think I might just be 'needing' more stripes!

  4. What gorgeous eye candy this is! Yes, stripes are a perfect introduction to spring knits, aren't they? Always cool, fresh and classic. And your KSH combinations are fabulous!

  5. OK, I won't lie. I mostly just looked at Guido on this post!!! Gosh, what a gorgeous man! Those eyes! Wow!!! Oh, and the sweaters were pretty, too! :-) But no doubt...NO doubt...the Guido look was the fairest of them all!!!!! :-)


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