dining with a 6 year old

March 24, 2013

Dining with a six year old may not a big deal for you, but is a big deal for us.  A fun big deal!  It's been years since we've dined with a 6 year old.  I had forgotten that spelling is fun!  Balloons are entertaining!  Also, fortune telling is for reals people.  I had forgotten all that stuff, so it was an enlightening evening.  And she even sang a Selena Gomez song for us!  I had barely heard of her, let alone the song, but now I know she is Justin Bieber's former girlfriend.  Sharing that with you.

This gave me a chance to make a kid friendly menu and set a child-happy table.  Let's talk Ladybug Bands and how rabbits color Easter eggs.

She also solemnly told me she wants to learn how to knit.  Sweet.  I happen to be the right person to ask.

The little wooden critters are from my collection of
Wendt and Kuhn figures, a German company that makes really sweet things!
Their website is precious.

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  1. Kristen -
    I always get a kick out of your parties and table settings. Some day, I always say.


  2. How cute! Glad you enjoyed your dinner companion. That's so special she wants to learn to knit and she definitely asked the right knitter. I keep wanting to teach my daughter but she told me she's still too young!

  3. Oh, how fun!!!!! I am sure she'll be a wonderful knitter after learning from such a great teacher!

  4. Kristen - your table is, as always, beautiful. A 6 year old would love sharing dinner with the adults!

    I must think of something as delightful for my Easter table to wow my 7 year old twin boys and 9 year old Princess. You are such fun!

  5. I haven't dined with a 6-year-old in ages, so I can only imagine what an experience that would be! You learn all kinds of new things, I'm sure! You did a great job of creating a table that could capture the imagination of both the young and "not-so-young." I think it's wonderful that she wants to learn to knit! Start 'em young! :-)

  6. Oh! How very fun! Children from 1 to 92 would enjoy that table! What a lucky six-year old to dine with you! Have fun! Catherine (new follower)

  7. That was a fun evening especially listening to the cute little 6-year old commenting on everything and she loved all of the little figures on the table. Your table was beautiful and always is. You are amazing.......


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