My Ultimate Recycling Project

March 15, 2013

In last weeks Wall Street Journal they had an article about seasonal fast food and the Shamrock Shake tops the list.  I know, sit a bit and just think about what I said, seasonal fast food.  People make pilgrimages to McDonald's for this spring treat that's only available in March!  I don't know, but it just struck me as funny to call a Shamrock Shake a seasonal food.   Crazy me for thinking a spring-time seasonal food be more like asparagus or early dill!  I was laughing as I read it because at the time I was drinking my own version of the Shamrock Shake.  I don't know if it's mint or pistachio that makes their shake green, but spinach is what makes my shake green!

I'm sure you all have your own version and mine is probably very similar to yours: non fat plain yogurt, seasonal fruit, 1/2 banana, juice of 1/2 lemon, crushed ice and a big handful or two of fresh spinach.  I made it this morning which is a good enough breakfast for me but I hear my husband in the kitchen making some eggs to supplement.

Now for my ultimate recycling story:  When we recovered our sofas last year I asked the upholsterer if it wasn't too much of a bother I would like the old fabric back.  A month later along with my new sofas I got a HUGE bag of fabric!

The fabric was in surprisingly good shape considering the sofas were over 20 years old.  So what's a girl to do?  Make napkins of course.   They are all different sizes, from 16x16" to 24x24" and I managed to make 23!  They are my every day napkins and will never get ironed, just folded up and put in the drawer.  For my entire married life I have never used paper napkins (except the paper cocktail napkins if I'm having a big party), I've always preferred cloth and don't think it's a bother to throw them in the wash when I'm doing a load.  In almost every load I do, there seem to be a few napkins tossed in.  They last for years and years and I don't mind if they are a little stained or in slightly shabby shape, they are for family and for everyday use after all.  About every 5 years or so I toss them out and buy or make another 2 dozen.  Both my kids also use cloth in their own homes.  They grew up that way and like their mom, don't like paper!

They're pretty!
I guess my old sofa isn't quite ready to die!

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  1. What a great use for your old sofa fabric!

  2. I, too, love cloth napkins. I grew up using them, as did my mother and father. My parents have beautiful sterling silver monogrammed napkin rings that were used to identify each person's napkin in my great grandparent's house. What a great idea to use your old sofa fabric! I have made many table cloths, and now am inspired to make napkins!

  3. What a fantastic idea, and they're lovely!

  4. I love shamrock shakes...I really need to try the spinach one though, it would be so much healthier for me. What a recycler you are!

  5. This is very clever. I think you really got your money's worth out of that sofa.


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