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February 03, 2014

My friend Konrad and I have something fun planned over the next few months.  He's my knitting buddy who lives across the sea in Germany, and here I am in California.  We have chosen to knit the same 3 sweater patterns, using the same 3 yarns.  I will be knitting pretty close to the original patterns, maybe changing a little bit here and there for fit.  But Konrad has the more challenging job of modifying these women's patterns to fit a man.  But if anyone can do it, it's Konrad.  He is an experienced knitter and often bemoans the fact that there are not enough patterns out there for men and has made pattern changes many times before.  We'll be blogging all the while and you'll be able to follow along and see how, with just a few style modifications, such as substituting ribbing for lace and eliminating waist shaping and beading and well, whatever else Konrad comes up with, the right woman's pattern CAN be modified to work for a man.  Well, we think it's possible!  Come back over the next few months and we'll see if we're right!

The Spring/Summer 2014 launch is one of Rowan's best. Over the next three months we'll knit a garment with each new yarn sharing reviews and hints as we go along.  Here's what we've selected to knit for our KALs (knit-alongs):

Trinity above, in the new Pure Linen, shown below.

Pond above, in the new Silkystones silk and linen blend, shown below.

Also, Solitaire show above in the new chainette 100% silk, Truesilk.

The shade cards are below.

I've started!

OK, now with all that said, I have to deviate a bit.  Our first project is with the Silkystones and we are both meant to be working on Pond.  But after looking at the pattern I realized it was perhaps a little bit above my skill level to size it down as I really didn't want loose fitting sleeves from a drop shoulder.  I think it's a great look and often wear that, but didn't want it for this project.  I am instead using Silkystones in the blue Tarn and making the top down Margot.  So our first KAL is not quite the KAL I had approached Konrad with.  Sigh, sorry dear friend.  But we will still have fun and get back on track for the next sweater! :p  I hope you still speak to me in the end! 

 Konrad's blog
Rowan Truesilk, 100% mulberry silk
Truesilk Collection, pattern book by Martin Storey
Rowan Pure Linen, 100% linen
Pure Linen Collection, pattern book by Lisa Richardson
Rowan Silkystones, 50/50 silk/linen blend
Silkystones Collection, pattern book by Marie Wallin
The pattern Pond Konrad will be making
The pattern Margot I will be making


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  1. One must always be flexible... :) I'm looking forward to following this knit-along with you two!

  2. This is so fun and exciting – I can't wait to follow along as both of you knit these sweaters!

  3. Great idea, can't wait to see more! I think Solitaire will be the real man's challenge.

  4. What a neat project! Popping over to Konrad's to see what he's got going on!

  5. What a great idea! I'm sure a lot of people will be inspired to see how a woman's sweater can be modified to fit a man. And you and he will have different approaches and will learn from each other's knitting techniques--everyone wins!

  6. I am really excited to see what you and Konrad come up with across the miles! I guess I never really considered there might be a shortage of patterns for menswear. That needs to change!


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