summer dills

June 29, 2013

From this to this in no time at all.

I use this fabulous recipe throughout the summer for 
crispy, tasty dill pickled cucumbers and green beans.

We've had a hectic few weeks around here but things have slowed down.  I'm catching up with my knitting and gardening, those two always get priority, so I'll have some posts to share soon.  Social media is the first thing to go when I'm busy and I do miss it, so it's nice to be back and catch up with the blogs I like to follow plus Facebook and Pinterest.  It's funny, things I didn't even know or care about until a few years ago have taken over a chunk of my time!    

My house is a total mess.  It's too hot to clean.  Oh my, last two days have been HOT!  This morning it's already hot, so just a little bit of garden time this morning and then an hour in the kitchen for the pickles.  The rest of the day will be me with my knitting, ballgame, iced tea and the fan blowing on high!  

I hope you are having a great summer!  xoxo

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  1. Your blog photos are a highlight of my day! Thank you for persevering with it, even on these hot days. A hot day in Berkeley is a rarity, two in a row almost unheard of. We're on to day 4.

    I have a garden question, or two, seeing as you are so successful. What type of cucumber do you grow? I tried lemon cukes last summer only to find I didn't like them. I think (you would think I could have saved the label) I am growing persians this season. Also, how do you get beets to grow? If I get them to germinate, they seem to stop at about 1 inch worth of leaves. When asked, friends who have gardened here for years said "If you find out, let us know."

    1. Thank you! This year my cukes are Fanfare, a regular sized cuke on a dwarf plant. So far I like them, not as prolific as last years Marketmore variety and maybe that's a good thing! Too many cucumbers last year!

      As for beets, they prefer cool summers, so for us, best to grow in the spring into early summer. I am good with them all summer if we don't get the heat, and we have been OK the last few years, not getting too many hot days. (But these last days have been miserable, oh I hate hot weather!) The seeds need to be sowed directly into the soil and need to be thinned and watered well, not allowing to dry out completely. Good luck!

  2. Your pickled beans and cucumbers are beautiful.



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