July 01, 2013

Aww, here is my little granddaughter in her newest sweater, Clearwing by Amy Christoffers.  She lives in Southern California and this will be a great spring and fall sweater for her, even good for many Southern California winter days!  I loved knitting this, the pattern is dear with a pretty eyelet detail at the neck, simple shaping and 3/4 length sleeves.  This is her color, green accentuates her green eyes!  This is knit top-down and seamless with i-cord cuffs and hem.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cathay, discontinued.  I never know why a yarn is discontinued, certainly this can't be for lack of loveliness!  It's terrific!  It's very very soft and washes and wears well.  I've knit a simple V neck pullover from this before and love it next to my skin.  I machine wash in a lingerie bag with cold water and dry flat.  When it's almost dry I pop it in the dryer for a few minutes and it takes out any stiffness.  The yarn is kinda slippery and very splittty, in fact, it's so splittty I had to spell splittty with 3 t's.  But, for me, going down 2 needle sizes and using pointy wooden Knit Picks Harmonies helped with that pretty much.  The beautiful soft fabric is worth the inconvenience that the splittiness caused.  Sometimes you'll find a long discontinued yarn for sale at a shop or online, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this yarn again.

Annie and I had such a fun week.  After attending Vacation Bible Camp at our church for many years, this year she was old enough to be a junior camp counselor.  We led a team of seven 4 and 5 year olds for the week, then in the afternoon we lunched, pooled, shopped, my goodness, we fairly fell into bed at night.  She was here when my Rowan preview books and yarns for fall/winter arrived.  We oouued and aawwed over it all night and now she wants to become a Rowan ambassador too!  The Rowan fall/winter launch is July 15, but here is a sneaky peek of something I've already started, Homeland by Martin Storey from the Pioneer book.  Biggy big cables trailing all over the sweater knit in Big Wool, seriously gorge.  I cannot wait to share everything with you.  Rowan has some beauts this year, lovely new yarns (think suri alpaca, also angora) with beautiful pattern support.  Plus new colors in our favorite Rowan yarns, and a new twist on an old favorite, you'll be happy!

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  1. Such a pretty sweater. That is a great color for Annie!

    I'm really excited about R54 based on the pix I've seen online. Because Hubby is Turkish and his family lives in Izmir, I'm really wanting to knit up the Izmir pattern! Also Anatolia . . . And I will definitely be buying this new Martin Storey book - so many gorgeous designs!

  2. Them's some pretty cables! :) Annie looks darling in her sweater.

  3. That sweater turned out beautiful!! What a great colour for summer.

  4. Love it! The color is fantastic. So glad your granddaughter loves your knits...I love knitting for my daughter (15) and when she wears my knits my heart sings.


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