Mendocino Yarn Shop

June 06, 2013

If you are lucky enough to be a knitter and lucky enough to be in Mendocino then you are lucky indeed.  Mendocino Yarn Shop is a gem.  Rowan, Isager, Alchemy, Manos and Tahki Yarns are just a small sample of what's in store for you here.  Also, it has the nicest staff, the easiest layout and prettiest setting. Even my husband, the knitting widower, said this was the prettiest yarn shop he has seen.  Haha, that was too sweet, what a dear.

Mendocino Yarn Shop.

In the lovely and tiny town of Mendocino, you are never far from the sea.  It's breezy and briny and chilly and a perfect location for a luxury yarn store.  The shop itself has one door facing Albion Street and the other door facing a tiny brick pathed garden.  Beautiful.

Inside, there are several levels and several rooms, all open to each other.  Fine yarns at every corner, so better allow yourself at least an hour and be prepared to make a purchase, you'll just have to break that yarn diet.   I purchased something I can't find at home, Scrumptious Chunky by Fyberspates in a steel blue called Water.  It's a single ply blend of 45 silk and 55 merino and it's certain to pill like the devil.  I wouldn't use it for a sweater, but think I'll be safe with my shawl project.  It's lovely to knit up, a bit splitty, but my lace Addis are taking care of that for the most part.

Enjoy the pretty pictures!  Tomorrow I hope to have a post about our wonderful trip to this gorgeous sliver of the Northern California coast.

Sweetest knit widower in the world.

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  1. That looks like I could spend a whole day there! Reminds me of my favorite store in Fort Collins, CO, My Sister Knits. It's in an old carriage house. The home/shop owner is really into gardening and has a pristine little white chicken coop in the front. Everything is perfectly manicured. I love going there. The energy just makes me happy!

  2. Well, that settles it! I will have to go to Mendocino next time!

  3. What a beautiful little shop inside and outside with all of the flowers. Your kind of place for sure and Terry looks very relaxed. I hope you had a nice trip and enjoyed celebrating your 40th together. xoxox

  4. I always wanted to have a little vacation cottage up in Mendocino to get away from the valley heat. Now I see there is another reason to go there! Such a nice space!

  5. Be still my beating heart. Mendocino is now officially on my list. Chloe


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