That Red Rose

May 24, 2013

My girlfriend called me with this invitation, 
"Come over and see the ugliest rose in the world. 
 It's so black only Snow White's evil step-mother could like it!"

And in my head I'm thinking, blog post, I'll be right over,
because I knew you would want to see it too!
But when I saw it, I had to disagree, I thought it was beautiful!
We don't know the name of it, but dang, it's evil all right and my photos don't give it it's evil justice!
It's very deeeeep red and so velvety it appears to be powdery.

My friends just downsized to a town home with a small garden.
It's beautiful and I love what they've done to their outdoor space.
They planted about 20 white roses and a few pastels, then there's that evil red one.
They have a stone walk that circles around and stops at a few vignettes
with benches, birdhouses, a fountain and fig, apple and citrus trees.
In early spring there's azalea, rhododendron and camellia.

 I thought it was pretty clever of us to drop by at dinnertime.  Our kind friends invited us to dinner :)
She set her table with her assorted set of Vietri Campagna.  I love that she uses it everyday.
I know you'd like to poke around their very pretty home.  Loads of love and lots of fun abide here!

 Sorry, I had to add stupid captcha (word verification) to my comments.
The hackers found my little blog, grrr.  I hope you'll still comment :)


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  1. ... I think I might just like that doorstop best! great humor! DivaDar

    1. I know, the doorstop, haha! That is truly evil!

  2. I love the outdoor that what is called a California roof? Is it open? Lovely house, spectacular roses......

  3. Thanks for sharing the tour of your friends' adorable house and garden! Always love to see how people decorate, and set their tables!! I, too, am a china lover.

  4. The pictures of the roses look beautiful, not evil. I guess one had to be there. Kristen, your friend's home is truly welcoming and bright. Love the outdoor patio with the roses and that bunny topiary. The dishes are quite special to have friends like these. Thank you dear Kristen for your sweet comments and adding me to your prayer list. xo Linda


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