an elegant mix

May 08, 2013

An elegant David Austin mixed bouquet from my garden with
 The Pilgrim, Scarborough Fair, St. Cecelia and Litchfield Angel.

And now for some yarn elegance. Can something be elegant and rustic at the same time?  I think so!  Let me introduce you to the very new Pioneer from A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Read all about the California Wool Project here.  I was in love with the very inspiring story so ordered one skein in Horse's Mane to try it out.  First impression is that it's super soft, it's organic, and it wound into a ball easily with no knots or tangles.  It has a nominal amount of VM, but I expect some in a natural wool like this.  I am so happy to see we now have a gorgeous yarn in California that we can call our own.  I predict an aran pullover knit in the natural color in my future.

So my first impression is to love this and me thinks I need to make a road trip to A Verb For Keeping Warm to see ALL of it!  Honey, do you feel like having lunch in Berkeley tomorrow?

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  1. The most beautiful roses I have ever seen. You may be selected to become a David Austin ambassador. He would be watching and admiring from above.


  2. Those roses are so delicate...they look kind of like that fine tissue paper that you put in gift bags. Almost see-thru! I love all the colors!!!

    I think it's amazing that you can knit a sweater with yarn that already has the glittery bling on it! (your other post) It looks so lush. The raspberry sorbet description you gave is right on the money. It's like that sorbet with cake glitter on it!!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Kristen!

  3. I love roses and I love yarn..although I don't know how to knit! Yes, I've seen yarn that pretty with the glitter in it already. Can't wait to see what you produce from it! Have a lovely Mother's Day.

  4. Your roses are absolutely beautiful. This was my Grandmother's favorite flower. And she is who inspired me to open A Verb for Keeping Warm. Thank you for being part of the journey. Without support like yours, we could not do this. Truly, Kristine

  5. That pale yellow rose is amazing. Can you let me know the name of it? Going to check out the wool link. I like that it's organic and the color you picked is called "horses mane". Very cool!


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