seduced by roses

May 03, 2013

My favorite thing about my two loves, knitting and gardening, is being involved in the slow progress of turning something rather plain into something beautiful.  It's seductive.  Perhaps nothing personifies that more than rose growing.   Looking at barren brown thorny twigs sticking out of the garden in January, you would never imagine that in a few short months these will be the monarchs in your garden.  Roses are the prettiest of my long term projects!

Scroll down to see what's blooming on the bushes and what's blooming on my needles!

Simplicity Red in the foreground.

Foreground rose is possibly Falstaff from David Austin.  I have lost the metal tag.

Close up of David Austin's Gertrude Jekyll.

Graham Thomas from David Austin.  Best yellow rose ever!

David Austin's Climbing Eden on the right, Joseph's Coat on the left.

Climbing First Prize, enormous blooms, she is the queen of our veg garden without a doubt.

David Austin's Gertrude Jekyll.  My favorite mid pink rose.

Climbing Eden, best climber, prolific bicolor pink with while and gorgeous!

Climbing Eden is perfect for an arbor.

Cast on for Opaline in Rowan Softknit Cotton, Sunset Red.

A mass of David Austin's.

Tea With the Queen by Butter, one coat is so pretty.  Happy Chappy, a fuss free everblooming florabunda.

I love these aged metal pots from Target.

Mad Tosh DK in Vintage Sari for a Twigs and Willows cardi.

St. Cecelia by David Austin.  A beautiful pale shell pink with an airy growing habit.

I allowed myself to cast on the two new projects above since I recently finished Eos and 5200K!  Just blocking, seaming and photos are next, then I can share.  Hope you are having a sunny and happy week!

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  1. Good Morning Kristen, I am in rose heaven, your photographs are so beautiful....and so many different roses. I see David Austin is a favourite of yours as well. I love his roses, they always grow well and are so disease resistant.
    I thought I would tell you, I went to my sewing group on Tuesday and my friend Mary did not have any sewing, so she bought her knitting instead. She showed me the wool she was using and it was a beautiful charcoal grey Rowan was so soft.
    Thank you for showing us your garden, it is so lovely.
    Best Wishes

  2. Ooooohh! I wish there were smell-o-vision! Gorgeous!

  3. Ok, if anyone should receive a cutting from the new Kaffe Fassett rose, it is YOU my dear!

  4. pretty!! My favorites are the Graham Thomas yellow rose and the St. Cecilias. You have so many beautiful roses!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous...they represent a lot of love and hard work. Thanks for sharing them. Cherry Kay

  6. Your roses are like those surrounding a castle!!!! I wish I had your green thumb (or patience) LOL I had to snoop and check out the cardi you are knitting.... I love it and the yarn you are using. That's now on my wish list ~

  7. Beautiful.I love the "A mass of David Austins" photo, showing the variety in colors. Really lovely.

  8. Wow, your roses are so gorgeous! Your photos are really great - love them all!

  9. your roses are absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing them x


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