Eos Chunky Lace Pullover

May 28, 2013

I often get teased about how many white sweaters I knit!  I love white for summer and happy with this new chunky lace pullover, perfect for chilly summer evenings.  Chunky and lace, two words that in knitting don't seem to often go together!  But you can see from the photos that they do marry very well in this fancy over-sized sweatshirt.  Pattern is Eos is by Marie Wallin from Rowan's All Seasons Chunky Collection and the yarn is Rowan's All Seasons Chunky in Foam, one of the prettiest whites available in knitting yarn.  I am very familiar with white!  I have reviewed the yarn before:

All Seasons Chunky is a new spring offering for Rowan.  Similar to All Seasons Cotton in every way except the weight, Rowan has taken their popular aran weight and beefed it up to bulky weight.  Knitted up it gave the same soft and bouncy hand and excellent stitch definition.  Even though it knits up at 10 stitches per 4 inches, the fabric still feels lightweight and creates a "lighter" bulky knit than other bulkys.  I'm thinking this will allow the garment not to sag as can sometimes happen with other bulky knits.  Being bulky, it just zips along, done in no time.

A few particulars: No problems with splitting or slipping.  Chunky is multi plied and tightly twisted into an even round thick shape and is 60% cotton/40% acrylic.  It has bounce when knitting and makes fine, even, matte stockinette stitches.  Very, very soft, certainly soft enough for baby.  Chunky would make a great easy care baby blanket.  Minimal pilling.  Machine wash.  

The lace pattern was enjoyable to knit and I do hope I'll be able to incorporate it into another knit sometime down the road.  The last picture above shows the beautiful lace detail.  It looks a bit like a cable, but no, it's all created using some k3tog and yo stitches.  The chart is easy to follow.  I don't show the back, but the same lace pattern is also on the back.  As for the construction of the pullover, I made quite a lot of modifications which I wrote about on my Ravelry page.  My husband thinks it's beautiful.  He looked at the lace closely then asked if I actually knit it.  Adorable.  As I'm writing this up I'm wearing Eos and it's so soft and cuddly and feels so good next to my skin that I hate to take it off.  But today is so cold and chilly, I have to change into some wool, dang, and I've already put most of my wool away for the season. 

Now about the roses.  That beautiful rose on the arch behind me is Climbing Blaze.  For us it's a repeat bloomer all season, really an amazing rose.  It starts off dark red then fades to a pinky red and the petals stay on for a very long time.  I highly recommend this rose.  Today is not terribly pretty, overcast and chilly, but I still got some pictures of this fabulous climber from different angles.  The big white rose is Iceberg, another amazing repeat bloomer and one of the top 10 roses in the world.  You've not doubt seen Iceberg many times in landscaping.  Enjoy the lovely roses below!

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  1. You finished! Squee! And you don't look like a linebacker at all! ;-)

    I think you're right to make a lot of white sweaters - white really suits your coloring. And I think white is such a great color for summer. I'm a little jealous that you can wear this right now - we came home to moderate heat and a whole lot of humidity which makes it feel so much worse!

  2. That is stunning Kristen and now I want to make one! Your roses are so beautiful :)

  3. Love the sweater AND the roses :)

  4. It looks beautiful Kristen. I've knitted mine in Pebble...... all I've got left to do is to knit the neck and sew it up. I'll be interested how mine compares to yours with your modifications as yours fits perfectly.

    PS: What beautiful roses!

  5. Kristen!! Your Eos is GORGEOUS. I love it so much – you look fabulous wearing it, too.

  6. I won't tease you about the number of white sweaters you create, Kristen. You live in California! White is just right there for many, many months of the year! It makes sense to have lots of white sweaters from which to choose. This one is pretty. I like the lacy look of it!

    Your roses are spectacular!!! I don't know that (barring the hiring of a world class gardener) I could ever cultivate roses like that here!!! They're magnificent!!! So MANY of them!!!!!! Beautiful!!!

    I hope you had a good holiday weekend, and I wish you a Happy Hump Day! :-)


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