Meet me at the Star Ferry

March 05, 2012

While making over our living room, dining room and hall, we also decided to spruce up our family room.  Just paint and a new sofa, but it makes a world of difference.

My husband wanted to pick out the sofa.  He wanted big.  He wanted comfy.   We found this at Pottery Barn and the fabric we wanted was 20% off, so happy about that good bit of luck.  While my husband was going over the order and paying for it, I wandered around the store.  When I came back I saw that he opened up a Pottery Barn credit card.  Why???  We don't need another one!  He told me we would get $400 free Pottery Barn bucks to accessorize the room.

So there you have it.  My husband used the word accessorize.  I never thought I would hear him utter that word, let alone use it correctly.  In our retirement, I am obviously having a positive influence on him. hee hee.

Though not my favorite type of sofa, this is perfect for the family room.
Super big to lounge on and watch TV.

My desk is off the patio and has a window facing the veg garden.

I am purposely not showing you my husband's man chair
that cozies up next to the fireplace.
Because I know no one wants to have to look at a lazyboy chair.
If they can help it.

The wall color is Kingsport Gray by Benjamin Moore.  LOVE it.  Kind of an elephant gray.

Rug and pictures are the same, but our new PB accessories (!) are 3 new pillows and the stairstep table.

It is here next to my cozy knitting corner.

Next to my spot I keep some knitting books and craft projects
in the baskets and cupboards.

An American school clock my dad gave me years ago, also a needle point chair I made long ago.   Another small patio is out this door and the laundry room here too.

 Our big-ass TV is getting hung on the wall next week.  
Men swoon over this baby.  But watch Downton Abbey on it and you will swoon too.

And as for knitting, a few days ago I started another Sand and Sea Shawlette for my little grand.  She loved mine and wanted one in gray and green, her signature colors!  Just a few rows to go and it will be ready in plenty of time as an Easter present.   It's pretty!

I thought my nail color coordinated pretty well with my knitting today!   It's Meet Me At The Star Ferry by OPI.  Here is one coat (2 coats looks a little too much like a raisin).  The Star Ferry that takes you from Hong Kong to Kowloon.  I once visited Hong Kong with my husband when he was on a business trip and someone did actually say to me,  "Meet me at the Star Ferry" so just had to buy this polish for the name only!

I am done with the knitting on my Wildflower Cardi and just have the finishing to do.  You know how you have to be in the mood for that?  xoxo

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  1. You have an absolutely beautiful home! I love Pottery Barn! Too bad we don't have it here! Good work with your husband hi hi...

    1. Pottery Barn sometimes is just fun to walk through to be inspired. I rarely bought anything, until lately!

  2. And I read your post word by word to see what you were going to say about the Star Ferry.
    Hubby and I visited Hong Kong and rode the Star Ferry. Seventeen-cent ferry ride. He takes me First Class all the way.
    One evening we ate dinner right on the wharf outdoors. Ohhhhh, love the food. drool, drool

    Love your wall color and Accessories. :*)


    1. Er, this post isn't exactly about the Star Ferry, is it?

  3. The room is beautiful! The stairstep table is such a beautiful item for this room. I love the antique look. I like how you sneak a photo of coastal knit into this post! Heheh

  4. Dear Kristen, your home is so sweet so warm. I like all your decorations and also the clock.. Have nice and happy days in your sweet and warn home...

  5. You've got such a lovely home. :D

  6. Looks so warm and cozy. Nice job!
    Went to Pottery Barn a few weeks ago, and noted that same couch, exactly what I want. Reminds me of one my Mom had.
    So comfy and relaxing!!

  7. Kristen I love your home so much and the family room turned out beautiful. The color of the walls, the sofa and the big TV and also love the old antique Mirror hanging on the fire place. Everything is perfect and I love to come over and just look at each room.

  8. Would you ever consider the Kingsport Gray for a foyer color? Am going crazy looking! Thanks

    1. It is a gorgeous gray with hints of brown. So pretty, I think it would look very warm and inviting in a foyer! I hope you send pictures.


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