Theatre of Dreams

March 10, 2012

Just east of San Francisco, in the teensy, weensy picturesque town of Port Costa,

Step inside with me. 

You're about to enter a world of fancy and magic.

All created by this lovely lady.

Wendy uses vintage papers and tarnished tinsel, 
a rainbow of sparkly glass glitters,
fragments of old ribbons,
odd bits from flea markets
and her imagination. 

This open house is all about spring.

Wendy opens her studio 6 times a year and a visit is a must!
You can go to her website for her email to sign up for notifications.

Dawn and I will be coming back to see what she has for fall and Halloween.
You should come too!

What's in that bag?  (R and C, pls don't look)

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  1. That really looked like a fun store and your pictures are so great I felt I was shopping with you. What a cute Bunny........

  2. You always find the best places!

  3. Oh, how fun!!!
    I'll be back tonight. It looks like I've misses a lot on this blog!


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