Pineapple Purse

March 07, 2012

I saw my first Pineapple Purse in an old needlework book.  Gasp.

Next, I saw the real deal, maybe at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London?
Gasp again.

I researched the pattern, yes it can be found. 
Absolutely impossible for me to decipher.
Positively scary.   Gasp again, this time with tears.

All images from Knitty.

But Franklin Habit of The Panopticon has come to the rescue.
He figured it all out and has written the pattern out for those of us who 
have to make this crazy thing.  And it looks doable.
It had to have been an incredible amount of work to decipher the old pattern.
So glad he did.
Yay Franklin!
Here is the free pattern in the newest issue of Knitty.

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  1. I read Franklin's post about this yesterday. That man is hilarious! And a genius!


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