March 10, 2012

I think there might be no other store like this in the world.

Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley, California
is a museum, boutique and school.  
These books are on the subject of lace.

If it begins or ends with lace, you can find it here.

Get lost in a world of ribbon.

Or maybe you're looking for a top hat?

Perhaps a crinoline or corset?
You can purchase one or learn how to make one.  
From scratch.

You could stay for hours...

poking through the lace...

...and see silk and cotton and wool embroidery floss from all over the world.

Boxes and boxes of vintage flowers.

If you'd rather DIY, here you can learn 
how to make a hat, a corset, a ribbon flower,
and every type of lace.  Many classes available.

My gift to myself, graduated shades of yellow and green
DMC thread to make my summer project, the Pineapple Purse

Berkeley is just across the bay from San Francisco.
If you find yourself near this area, you really should make a visit to Lacis.
Just be sure to allow a few hours or more, you can't rush it!

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  1. Wow! I've heard of Lacis, but never have seen any photos. Thanks for the tour. Incredible!

  2. I can't believe I live so reasonably close to this place and have never heard of it. It looks magical. (And I suspect you have a knack for finding little hidden treasures.)

  3. This place is like a treasure box! Cant wait to see your pineapple purse!

  4. From most of your posts about shopping, I can see that we'd have a great time together if we ever met :) Thanks for the tours of these fun places! Makes me think I should start posting about my favorite places here in Rapid City.

  5. ....fabulous tour..... and your resultant selection of DMC for the Pineapple Purse is 'right on'. Would you be so kind as to share the colors and/or numbers? I must resort to ordering online and that is capricious, to say the least.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Kathleen. My colors are the golds from light to dark: 744, 725, 783, 782. The greens from light to dark are: 734,733, 732, 730. I bought two skeins of each color, hope that will be enough. I bought a size 1 circ for the project but have yet to check the gauge. This is DMC article 3 and there is a thinner one that I could have bought, but this one seemed like it would work. If you want to hold out until I check out the gauge, which won't be for a few more weeks as I have visitors, etc I will post it on my Ravelry project page.

    2. Accolades to you Kristin for your immediate response and a heartfelt thank you. I shall keep an eye on your Ravelry page for any additional info.



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