Thanksgiving Table Ideas

November 19, 2014

Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving but the table is its stage set and deserves your time and a big dose of TLC. Whether you go opulent or rustic you'll find inspiration from these fall tablescapes I've scoured from Pinterest. While it might be challenging and expensive to recreate these exactly (especially on my small table) there are a myriad of elements we can steal.

You know how much I love to create pretty table settings. For me it's as creative as the cooking. Even for a not-so-special occasion, I always set the table the day before, beginning with whatever flowers I have in the garden and letting  the centerpiece set my theme. Then I build from there, with the menu also helping to decide the  decor. On Thanksgiving we KNOW what we'll be serving,  so that step is taken care of.

We used to have such enormous celebrations as our family was big and lived close by each other. Plus, we were the family that always invited the strays.  But now we are small in number -- just six this year-- but I'm still looking forward to it as much as though we were hosting 16.  My table is small and fairly narrow and seats six most comfortably.  Besides, I love having six people at the dinner table: you can all join in the same conversation and, at the end of the night, all the dishes fit into the dishwasher.  If I have more guests I can put leaves in the table and  can squeeze in up to 12 people, but it's tight and everyone had better like each other because it will be very chummy.

Wishing all my American readers a big ole chummy Thanksgiving!

Love the burnished gold.  I just want to climb right into this picture and sit down.

The impact of roses at any time of year can't be disputed.

 I think I'm seeing square vases arranged together with roses, lilies and protea maybe? 
 Burlap or possibly linen tablecloth with navy placemats.  Swoon.

Orange and turquoise blue, a match made in heaven.

Clementines aren't shy about being orange.

Is that a black and white striped tablecloth?  Oh, the drama.

Totally stealing this idea for my next buffet.

I love the way this would unite the napkins on a buffet table.

Lucky you if you have blue and white.  To me it's always fresh and crisp and clean.

Mums, roses, succulents, moss...pretty.

Never quite sure what you do with the pear.  Eat now?  Save for later?  Still, I love the way it looks. Wm. Sonoma.

I know, gasp, right?  This must be a wedding, wish I had been invited.  
The table setting says to me, "Sit up straight, make polite table conversation,
 and hey, even try to dazzle!"

I love purply and plummy colors for fall.

Here is the purple again, and probably another wedding, but still, totally gorge.
What an impact.  Left to right, sedum, calla lilies and amaranthus in mercury glass.


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  1. Oh, yes...on all of them!!! What pretty table settings! If someone wasn't in the mood for setting a Thanksgiving table before seeing this, they certainly will have a quick change of step!!! Wow! I know I pinned like crazy!!!

    As for the for later! With a table like this, you KNOW there's going to be a wealth of excellent food served!!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Kristen, and enjoy the love & company of those assembled!

  2. Beautiful table settings!


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