November 16, 2014

I've just finished Poetry from the Essentials section of Rowan Magazine 56.  I always love that part of the magazine and in this issue there are so many pretty designs.  I decided my first project would be Poetry because it was knit in Kid Classic and while I've always loved it, I haven't used it in awhile.  I missed Kid Classic!  I get that way sometimes; I'll miss a yarn and decide right then and there I'm going to use it.  I regularly feel that way about Kidsilk Haze so I make sure there is always a KSH project going on around here for when I feel the KSH crave.

Poetry, designed by Marie Wallin is such a simple sweater but I really feel very stylish in it!  I love the back, and think a younger person could totally wear it without a shirt underneath and it would look young and sexy.  In the evening I wore this with a black tank underneath and a black pleather skirt and black booties and it was a fantastic look, but today I wore it with boots and jeans and noticed that my photographer was willing, so here's the look of the day.  

The great Rowan Kid Classic, which I consider one of the backbone yarns for Rowan, knits up to a worsted weight.  It's easy on the hands and a cinch to get an even tension in stockinette, but is also a pushover for cables and lace.  It's a lovely yarn and an excellent value for such a high quality yarn as the yardage is terrific plus it wears like iron and practically pill resistant.  The colors are many and gorgeous.

I love my boots, Uggs I found in Las Vegas.

The top button popped open, and I never unbutton it anyway,  so I sewed the button band up and now it can't come open.

All the details of Poetry on my Ravely project page.

Below is the yarn info from a screen shot from the Rowan website 
 where you can also see the full color range.

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  1. I love this! Very cute sweater and so flattering : )

  2. Silly girl, your sweater is on backwards"

  3. Backwards or forwards, it's s cutie!

  4. Saw this in person, you are the cutest in that thing. (and good on sewing it shut, i must sew most of my fitted cardigans shut honestly)

  5. This is sooo adorable! Love it!!! It is even prettier in person, too, and the color is divine. I want one someday......


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